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Greek Life

Welcome to Fraternity and Sorority Life at UCM!


Pillars of the Fraternity & Sorority Community at the University of Central Missouri



Every chapter has a philanthropy that is the primary organization for the year’s fundraising and volunteering efforts. Service is perhaps the most personally rewarding of the fraternity and sorority life pillars, as members are able to participate in hands-on volunteer work and implement philanthropic events to raise money for charitable organizations. The opportunities allow the fraternity and sorority members to impact their community and develop lifelong habits of giving back. Fraternities and sororities at UCM are highly regarded by the Warrensburg community. As a member of the UCM fraternity and sorority community, you will have many opportunities to make a difference in Warrensburg through community service.



Historically, Greek-letter organizations were founded on the principles of academic success and camaraderie. Today, our Greek-letter organizations continue to strive for academic excellence. Our members realize that academic achievement is the main priority of UCM students. Chapters promote scholarship by providing academic resources for their members including tutoring, academic advisors, study groups, and scholarships. Chapter members often work with new students to help their adjustment to their new surroundings, and specifically the rigors of University academics. Many chapters have a rewards system based on GPA. Prospective members must meet a minimum GPA in order to be initiated and then must maintain a minimum GPA to remain an active member. The Greek Community also has an All-Greek honor society, Order of Omega to recognize outstanding Greek scholars. Not only do fraternities and sororities at UCM concentrate on academics, but we also educate on social issues, such as goal-setting, relationship-building, health and wellness, safety, sexual assault prevention, and drug and alcohol use.



Sororities and fraternities are dedicated to building future leaders. Fraternity and Sorority members are offered a variety of leadership opportunities and programs to assist them in developing skills such as time management, leadership, event planning, and communication. Greek chapters are self-sufficient organizations that provide a wealth of leadership opportunities for their members. Whether you are on a committee, hold an office in your chapter or on a governing council, or participate in campus or community events, you can always be involved. Individuals entering the work force often apply the leadership and communication skills gained from their fraternity or sorority membership. Members of the Greek Community are some of the most active and visible student leaders on our campus. Because of the emphasis we have on leadership, we are highly regarded by UCM administration, faculty and staff members. Your membership in a fraternity or sorority will provide you with networking experiences on campus, in the community, regionally and nationally, and you will have many opportunities to interact with campus and community dignitaries as well as distinguished alumni. In addition leadership programs and conferences within each fraternity and sorority at the local, regional and national level also provide an opportunity for members to sharpen their leadership skills.



Fraternity and sorority chapters were founded on the ideals of brotherhood and sisterhood. It is often said that in college, friendships are developed that will last a lifetime. Membership in a chapter paves the way toward long-lasting friendships. Being Greek provides opportunities to meet a variety of people in diverse settings. Formals, retreats, theme events, All-Greek and chapter events, Homecoming, and Greek Week are examples of the unique social opportunities that fraternity and sorority life can provide. These activities are designed to build relationships, strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood, and promote Greek unity that will last beyond your college experience. Bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are formed within each organization and provide a home away from home, mentorship, career networking and a sense of community. Friendships developed in college will continue to flourish even after you graduate. Every chapter has an alumni network to assist members in adjusting to new communities, whether its finding employment or offering personal friendship based on the common experience of membership in your organization.

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