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While pursuing a degree within the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies, you have the opportunity to earn academic credit and real-world business experience. The Harmon College Internship Office can help you find internship opportunities to apply for, and facilitates the internship course to challenge you to apply classroom knowledge directly in your internship.


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Social media is the quickest way to stay up-to- date with the internship opportunities our office finds. You may also visit the office to discuss other opportunities and for help searching.

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Application Process

Once you have been offered an internship, we need a few things from you in order to get you enrolled in the internship course, and one step closer to completing your degree.

**Once you download this PDF form, please fill it out from the location where you saved it.  Any work done in your web browser will not be saved.

Harmon College Internship Application      

Majors We Serve

Accounting, Aviation Management, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Entrepreneur and Social Enterprise, Finance, Management and Marketing, 

Graduate level: Accounting, Computer Information Systems and MBA


Basic requirements for undergraduate students are 60 completed credit hours, admission to the BSBA and a 2.5 GPA. The GPA requirement varies slightly with major, so be sure you check out the Harmon College Internship Application and Requirements to be sure you meet the pre-requisites.

Graduate level requirements are student specific, so be sure you take your internship application and job description with you when you meet with your program advisor to determine if internship credit is a fit for you and your plan of study.

Course Requirements

There are two components to the requirements for passing the internship course. One component is the work hour requirement. Our most common enrollment is 3 credit hours, which is a minimum of 210 work hours, or 6 credit hours, which is a minimum of 390 work hours.

The other component is the course assignments. These are designed to challenge you throughout the duration of your internship, to help you apply classroom knowledge and reflect on your ability and skills.

All of the course work is available on Blackboard, allowing you to complete an internship in any city, state or country!

Have questions?

Give us a call at 660-543-8432 or e-mail us at


Our vision is to provide hands-on, applicable growth opportunties for Harmon College students to engage their field of study and become the more hirable candidate through internships, class projects and networking opportunities.


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