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The Harmon Professional Edge

It Takes More than a Degree to Stand Out – It Takes Edge.

The Harmon Professional Edge program was created to help students fill the gap between college and career. In this program, you will gain skills through hands-on experiences that will set you up for success in the professional world. By combining curricular and co-curricular engaged learning experiences, you will graduate better prepared for the workforce and have a competitive edge against the competition.

Sharpen Your Skills With Our Four Program Components

To participate, you must be an undergraduate student in the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies (HCBPS). Want to participate, but still undecided on your major? Talk to your advisor about declaring a major within the HCBPS. Eligible students will complete courses in all four of the following components, which may be taken in any order:

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Edge Readiness

Two to three credit hours are required for this component. You must take a career development course that prepares you for entering the workforce. In most cases, this will be UNIV 3000 - Career Readiness (1-2) (two credit hours) or MGT 3325 - Business Communication (three credit hours). Within this course, you will build a résumé and digital profile, attend a career expo, write a cover letter, build a reference page and participate in mock interviews. You must earn a C or better to qualify.

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Edge Diversity

One or more credit hours are required for this component. You must take a class or classes that value, respect and emphasize learning about diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations and religions. Classes will allow you to demonstrate openness, inclusivity, sensitivity and the ability to interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals’ differences. You must earn a C or better to qualify. Eligible courses include:

  • CFD 1450 - Valuing Differences: Discovering Common Ground
  • CFD 4520 - Multicultural Study and Approaches with Families
  • CJ 4010 - Criminal Justice Int. Study
  • CJ 4020 - Crime, Justice & Social Diversity
  • SOC 4855 - Family Diversity
  • CD 4510 - Multicultural Issues in Communication Disorders
  • FIN 4820 - International Finance
  • AVIA 4095 - International Aviation
  • ECON 4010 - International Economics
  • MGT 3345 - International Management
  • MKT 4460 - International Marketing
  • SOWK 4612 - Human Behavior Social Systems
  • PR 4655 - Global Sports Public Relations
  • Study Abroad
  • Foreign Language 
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Edge Internship/Practicum

Three credit hours are required for this component. The purpose of completing an internship or practicum is to apply the knowledge, skills and theory gained up to this point via an out-of-the-classroom, practical and applied experience. Ideally, soft skills and emotional intelligence will be tested and enhanced. (Extensive work experience directly related to the major, documented and approved by the Harmon College Internship Office, may be accepted for completion of this component.) You must earn a C or better to qualify. Exceptions may be made if you are a senior and have 200 hour of work expience in your field of study. Eligible courses include:

  • ESE 3335 - Entrepreneurial Internship
  • FIN 3835 - Internship in Finance
  • ECON 3035 - Internship in Economics
  • MGT 3335 - Internship in Management
  • MKT 3435 - Internship in Marketing
  • CIS 3690 - Internship in Big Data and Business Analytics
  • CIS 3695 - Internship in Computer Information Systems
  • ACCT 3135 - Internship in Accounting
  • AVIA 3022 - Aviation Internship
  • CJ 4602 - Internship in Criminal Justice
  • PR 4605 - Public Relations Internship
  • CFD 4710 - Internship
  • CDM 4990 - Practicum in Crisis and Disaster Management
  • CD 4802 & 4803 - Undergraduate Clinical Practicum I and II
  • SOWK 4660 - Field Practicum
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Edge Practice

Throughout your time at UCM, you will provide proof of participation in three (or more) activities that help boost your career readiness, apply soft skills and knowledge, engage with professionals or expand your network. There is a broad spectrum of activities that can occur on and off campus. The following activities are approved to meet this component’s requirements. Exceptions to this list may be requested in writing to the coordinator of the Harmon College Internship Office.

You must participate in three of the following experiences:

  • Etiquette dinner
  • College-sponsored or approved networking event
  • Golfing with professionals and networking event
  • Chamber Young Professionals social event
  • Student organization officer - listed on experience transcript
  • College-recognized academic student regional or national competition
  • Serving as an Alumni Ambassador or Admissions Ambassador
  • Big Idea Competition
  • Poster presentation external to class requirement
  • Research presentation external to class requirement
  • UCM Education for Service Award recipient


Many of these components may already be built into your program. Be sure to check with your advisor to see what is included and what you will need to add. 


Boost Your Résumé

After completing all four components, you will receive:

  • Reassurance that you are more career and workforce ready
  • An experience transcript designation that can be used as documentation to employers
  • A digital Credly badge that confirms you have completed the Harmon Professional Edge program, and can be applied to electronic résumés, LinkedIn accounts and digital portfolios
  • An award certificate from the Dean of the Harmon College
  • A cord to wear at graduation
  • A push pin that can be worn to graduation, networking events, and career fairs


Harmon College Professional Edge Credly badge icon



The Credly badge will recognize your demonstrated competencies and skills. Attaching this badge to digital profiles such as LinkedIn, email signatures and digital portfolios will allow employers to click on it and certify that you have completed the Professional Edge program and view the components associated with it.



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