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Integrative Business Experience

Start a real one-semester business

UCM’s School of Business Administration has a unique opportunity called the Integrative Business Experience; we call it “IBE”.  BSBA majors may take IBE during the junior year. During this 12-hour block of 4 courses, you and your team will start a one-semester business, complete a project for a non-profit organization chosen by your team and donate your profits to the non-profit. IBE is a great way to experience first-hand the interconnectedness of the various business functions.

IBE History


Since its inception in 2004, more than 1600 students in 74 IBE student companies have:

  • Grossed over $635,000 in revenue
  • Earned over $370,000 in profits which was donated to non-profit organizations
  • Donated more than 24,700 hours to non-profits for service projects

What is IBE?

IBE is a 12-credit block of courses typically taken 1st semester junior year. During the IBE course block, students:

  • Learn specific course content in management, marketing and finance
  • Write a business plan for a one-semester business
  • Apply course content to their team’s business
  • Present their business plan to Equity Bank loan officers
  • Sell a product and complete a student-led service project for a non-profit

Community Service

The students are motivated for business success by the community service component in IBR

  • IBE requires that students make a lasting impact on a non-profit organization that the students choose together.   
  • Students implement their business plan, pay off their loan and expenses and generate enough profit to finance their community service work. 
  • Past projects have included building parks, equipment, trailer for emergency response, gyms, and  meeting other needs.

IBE Requirement

IBE is required for many BSBA majors including Management, Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise, and Events Marketing & Management.  Other business majors may also choose to take the IBE block.

Equity Bank support

Equity Bank

  • supports IBE through loans to student teams,
  • provides feedback on loan proposals,
  • and funds student advisers.





Dr. Jackie Brandhorst
Assistant Professor of Business Communication
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