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Dr. Silvana Faja


Dr. Silvana Faja

Computer Information Systems and Analytics
Dockery 301I
(660) 441-2423


Doctor of Philosophy (2004)
Major: Management Information Systems
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Master of Business Administration (1998)
University of Tirana, Albania and University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.S. in Marketing and Tourism (1994)
University of Tirana, Albania

Dr. Faja joined UCM in 2003 and has taught various courses in the undergraduate and graduate CIS programs. Her specializations include C# programming, ASP.NET, analysis and design of information systems, software engineering and project management.

Dr. Faja’s research interests include privacy and security of information systems, big data and analytics, e-health, agile system development, and IT education topics such as collaborative learning and adoption of agile methods in the classroom. She has published in journals such as Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, International Journal of Electronic Business, Information Systems Education Journal, Service Business, Journal of Information Science and Technology and Decision Line. Dr. Faja has also served as reviewer for several journals and conferences and as technical reviewer for textbooks.

Dr. Faja is originally from Albania. She earned her MBA from University of Tirana and worked for the Albanian News Agency and the United States Agency for International Development.


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Trimi, Silvana; Faja, Silvana; Rhee, Shanggeun (2009). “Impact of the Internet on Interorganizational Relationships,” Service Business: An International Journal. Vol. 3, No.1, pp.63-83.


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