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Dr. Gregg Etter

Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Dr. Etter teaches Policing a Democratic Society, Criminal Investigation, Homicide Investigation, Organized Crime, Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, and Graduate Criminal Justice Administration

  • Research interests include gangs,  organized crime, and higher education administration
  • He serves as the senior advisor for the GED chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon (American Criminal Justice Association) and accompanies students to regional and national competitions every year
  • Extensive law enforcement experience includes 29 years with the Sedgewick County Kansas Sheriff's Office (Lieutenant, Ret.) and certification as a Professional Gang Expert Level 3 through the National Gang Crime Research Center.  
  • Dr. Etter holds degrees from:

Oklahoma State University (2000) Ed.D. Occupational and Adult Education

Wichita State University (1981) MA Administration of Justice

Wichita State University (1976) BGS Political Science & History

Recent publications include:

Doss, A.; McElreath, D. Etter, G. Mallory, S. (2020) Fluctuations of Organizational Social Movement: Quantitatively examining a quarter-century of reported Animal Liberation Front (ALF) incidents versus reported Earth Liberation Front (ELF) incidents. Journal of Gang Research, 28(1)

Etter, G. & Clancy, R. (2020) Opiates: The Black Plague of the 21st century. Journal of Gang Research, 27(2)

McElreath,D. Doss, A. Russo.B. Skinner, J. Slyke, J. Corey, M. Etter, G., Jensen,C. McElreath, L., Lindsey, A., Schulenberg,S., Nations, J. & Wigginton, M. (2020) Foundations of Emergency Management. 2nd Ed. Dubuque, IA.

Knox, G., Etter, G., & Smith, C. (2019).  Gangs and organized crime. New York: Routledge.

Etter, G., Smith, C., Gross, S. & Pottorff, S. (2017) Virtual poster competitions: A way to involve non-traditional and on-line students in research. ACJS Today. XLII(3) Summer.p.78-88.

Etter, G. (2017) Italian organized crime: Will the real mafia please stand up. Journal of Gang Research. 24(4). Summer. P. 1-38.

Etter, G. & McNeel, H. (2017) I’m just a Juggalo! Will gang go on without me? Journal of Gang Research, 24 (2), 1-14.

Etter, G. & Pottorff, S. (2016) The Russian Mayfia: Examining the thieves world from thieves-in law to thieves in authority. Journal of Gang Research 23 (4), 1-27.  


Gregg Etter
HUM 302 F - 1
Tel: (660) 543-8902


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