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Dr. Scott Chenault

Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Dr. Chenault teaches Corrections, Institutional Operations, Criminal Justice & the Media, and serves as the Criminal Justice & Criminology Graduate Coordinator

  • Research interests include qualitative analysis of correctional officer experiences and correctional programming
  • Serves as the Director for the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarship, sponsor of a semester-long study abroad opportunity in Alcala de Henares, Spain
  • He is a Certified Corrections Officer through the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
  • Dr. Chenault holds degrees from:

University of Nebraska at Omaha (2010) Ph.D. in Criminology & Criminal Justice

Central Missouri State University (now UCM) (2004) MS in Criminal Justice

Central Missouri State University (now UCM) (2002) BS in Criminal Justice

Publications include:

Chenault, S. & Carmack, B. (2020). Solitary confinement in Midwestern states: Are best practices in place? Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research.

Chenault, S. & Kreisel, B. (2020). Faculty led study abroad in criminal justice: A how-to guide. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 31 (3).

Chenault, S. & Collins, B. (2019). It's dirty work but someone has to do it: An examination of correctional officer taint management techniques. Journal of Qualitative Criminology and Criminal Justice, 8 (1), 37-56.

Carson, J.V., Chenault, S., Matusiak, R. (2016). Reintegrating to the prison community: An investigation into the Impact of Victims on Crime Classes. The Prison Journal, 96 (4), 623-644.

Chenault, S., Martin, J. & Matusiak, R. (2016). The ripple effect: Empathy statements of participants of an Impact of Crime on Victims Class (ICVC). Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research, 1 (3), 196-214.

Chenault, S. (2014). An examination of the researcher guard role: Bringing prison fieldwork into the 21st century. The Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology, 2 (2), 219-237.

Chenault, S. (2012). The new ice age? A content analysis of methamphetamine coverage in a Midwestern newspaper.  Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies, 12, 15 - 30. 




Scott Chenault
HUM 301 C - 2
Tel: (660) 543-4951


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