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Dr. James Cicon

James Cicon

  Associate Proffesor


  Dockery 307C

  (660) 543-4165


Dr. Cicon earned his Ph.D. in Finance, JD in Intellectual Property and Corporate Finance, and his MBA from the University of Missouri in Columbia Missouri.  He earned his BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University, Provo Utah. 

Dr. Cicon worked in industry as a Senior Staff engineer for several firms including Hewlett Packard Corporation, Allen Bradly Corporation, and Fluke Networks. His experiences include mergers and acquisitions involving Compaq Computer Corporation, Danaher, and Desknet Technologies.

Dr. Cicon served in the United States Army during the Soviet Cold War Era. He worked with the 163rd Military Intelligence Battalion collecting information on USSR military activities. 

Selected Publications:

Paul Borochin, Jared Delise, James Cicon, McKay Price. (2018) The Effects of Conference Call Content on Market Perceptions of Value Uncertainty and Firm Risk. Journal of Financial Markets, 40, 75-91

Paul Brockman, James Cicon, Xu li, McKay Price (2017) Words versus Deeds: Evidence from Post-Call Manager Trades. Financial Management, 46(4), 965-994
* The Wall Street Journal ran a story on this paper

Ali Akansu, James Cicon, Steve Ferris, Yanjia Sun (2017). Firm Performance in the Face of Fear: How CEO Moods Affect Firm Performance. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 18(4), 373-389
* The Wall Street Journal ran a story on this paper

James Cicon (2017) Say it again Sam: the information content of corporate conference calls. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 48(1), 57-81

Shibo Bian, James Cicon, Yi Zhang (2016). Optimal asset management for DC pension funds with default risk. Journal of Risk, 19(1), 63-76.

James Brau, James Cicon, Grant McQueen (2016). Soft strategic information and IPO underpricing. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 17(1), 1-17.
* Lead Article

David Benson, James Brau, James Cicon, Steve Ferris (2015) Strategically camouflaged corporate governance in IPOs: Entrepreneurial masking and impression management. Journal of Business Venturing, 30(6), 839-864
* The Wall Street Journal ran a story on this paper

Don Chance, James Cicon, Steve Ferris (2015) Poor Performance and the Value of Corporate Honesty. Journal of Corporate Finance, 33, 1-18
* Lead Article

James Cicon, Jonathan Clarke, Steve Ferris, Narayanan Jayaraman (2014). Managerial Expectations and the Performance of Acquiring Firms: The Contribution of Soft Data. Journal of Behavioral Finance, 15(3), 161-175
*Lead Article

Paul Brockman, James Cicon (2013). The Information Content of Management Earnings Forecasts: An Analysis of Hard versus Soft Information. Journal of Financial Research, 36(2), 147-173.
* Lead Article
* This paper received the JFR “Outstanding Article Award” awarded to one paper per year

James Cicon, Steve Ferris, Armin Kamel, Gregory Noronha (2012). European Corporate Governance: a Thematic Analysis of National Codes of Governance. European Financial Management, 18(4), 620–648.



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