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Dr. Joyce Chang


Dr. Joyce Chang

Human Development and Family Science
Health Center 103


Dr. Joyce Chang received her doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences and her master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology, Women Studies, & Statistics) from Oregon State University. Before beginning her career at the University of Central Missouri, she taught at universities in Oregon and Washington. Her primary research interests are high-risk behaviors, relationship development, and the impact of technology on families.

Dr. Chang is a legacy member of the National Council on Family Relations and has received awards and recognitions for excellence in teaching, research, service, and advisement from universities, and professional organizations. Dr. Chang has collaborated with international colleagues and taught/lectured in Sweden, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. 


Selected publications:

Knox, D., Schacht, C., & Chang, I. J. (2023). Choices in Relationships (14 th ed.). Sage Publishing.

Chang, I. J., Florimonte, M., Hilliard, T., & Knox, D. (2021). “I Felt Loved”: Undergraduate perceptions of their parents. College Student Journal, 55 (4), 367-370.

Shih, K. Y., & Chang, I. J. (2021, Fall). The Invisible Costs of the Model Minority Myth on Asian American Families, NCFR Report.

Hall, S. H., Knox, D., & Chang, I. J. (2021). Out of the shadow and into the light: New data comparing asexual and sexual undergraduates, Journal of Positive Sexuality, 7(2),

Chang, I. J., Huff, S., & Knox, D. (2019).  Humanoid robots: Acceptance for personal and  family use. College Student Journal, 53, 71-77.



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