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Social Studies

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"The time I had at UCM definitely prepared me for teaching. I was able to build up resources that have helped me in the classroom."
Ashley Hiller, UCM alumna

Bachelor of Science in Education Degree

The Department of History and Anthropology at UCM provides opportunities for you to study the human experience, cultures and civilization. Social studies education is designed to train future social studies teachers.

Why Choose Social Studies at UCM?

  • UCM has the highest quality, redesigned social studies curriculum to accommodate the latest in federal and state legislative requirements and guidelines.
  • A long history of social studies teachers from UCM serve in Missouri and beyond.
  • You'll enjoy a true interdisciplinary program with coursework in history, political science, economics, anthropology, geography, sociology, psychology and education.

What will I study?
In this program, you will take a variety of social science courses in the disciplines of anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology.

Curriculum includes:

  • 24 hours in American and world history
  • Courses in political science, economics, anthropology, geography, psychology and sociology
  • Education courses in literacy, classroom management, educational psychology and methods of teaching social studies
  • A built-in internship in your final semester, co-teaching with a social studies teacher at a high school

What can I do with a degree in Social Studies?

  • Social Studies Teacher (9-12 grades)
  • Curriculum reviewer and designer for school districts and/or academic publishers
  • Education accreditation reviewer
  • High-school administrator

How can I get involved outside the classroom?
At UCM, we value engaging learning experiences that include student involvement and service-learning projects.
In Social Studies, there are several involvement opportunities:

  • Anthropology Club
  • History Club
  • Phi Alpha Theta
  • Student Missouri State Teachers Association
  • Student Missouri National Education Association

About our Faculty:
The student to faculty ratio is 17 to 1, which allows professors to get to know students and provide personalized attention.

UCM's Department of History and Anthropology has a distinguished reputation. Its faculty is dedicated to your growth and professional development, in addition to being actively involved in research, writing and public service. Faculty members have published many books and articles, participated in regional, national and international conferences, and received numerous grants and awards for study and research.

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