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15-To-Finish Scholarship
15-To-Finish Scholarship


University of Central Missouri is one of only a few institutions in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Science in Tourism degree. Established over a decade ago, it offers a curriculum to specifically prepare students who aspire to management and planning positions in the tourism industry.

Travel and tourism is the world's largest industry. Tourism is our nation's third largest employer and provides a wide range of professional opportunities. In Missouri, tourism is the second largest revenue-producing industry and provides numerous opportunities for small business.

Career opportunities are in all eight sectors of the tourism industry including: tourism services (government, non-profit, and commercial), adventure and recreation, accommodations, food and beverage, transportation, attractions, travel trade, events and conferences (conventions, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, trade shows and special events).

Classes are to be housed in a modernized facility ($15 million renovation) to be completed in January 2011.

Student Involvement

Tourism majors have a shared society and have established a student chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association. The organizations have been instrumental in arranging professional speakers outside the classroom, philanthropic activities, fundraising for member professional opportunities, trips and social opportunities.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Many tourism students have been extremely active in studying abroad while at Central Missouri. Tourism students take advantage of study abroad opportunities including, but not limited to, places such as Europe, Australia, Africa, Thailand, and Fiji. However, studying abroad is not required of the major or the minor.


Internship opportunities are available both nationally and internationally. Students must work at least 500 hours in the field before interning, take all required major coursework and maintain satisfactory grades and grade point averages, and then work another 500 hours minimum in an approved national or international internship setting. The work experience requirement has been very effective in improving the overall competitiveness of our graduates in the workplace.


Efforts are made to enhance the traditional delivery of information in the classroom. Many professionals are brought into the classroom as guest lecturers or to teach classes. Class field trips involve acquainting students with regional experts and regional facilities. The Conference and Convention Planning class usually requires four field trips and meeting at least 50 field professionals. Recent field trips in the Tourism Destinations class included visits to Florida, California and Mexico. Students also engage in classroom projects which assist local communities. Providing real world application of class material and enhancing the spirit of good citizenship are just a few of the program's goals.

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