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15-To-Finish Scholarship

Agriculture - Business

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Area 2: Animal Sciences, Bachelor of Science Degree

The program provides you with a background in all phases of agriculture and specialized courses, which allows you to expand your knowledge in an area of interest.

Why Choose Agriculture-Business at UCM?
Area 2: Animal Sciences

  • UCM has a university farm that consists of 260 acres. The farm is used as a teaching laboratory for students.
  • The farm maintains a registered herd of Simmental cattle and Angus cattle to broaden the scope of animal science involvement.
  • The farm has a Heatwatch system for monitoring breeding activities, and an ultra-sound system to engage and enhance student experience.

What will I study?
You will learn by doing through such opportunities as assisting in agronomic field test plot research, helping with variety testing trials, raising plants for a Horticulture Club sale, working with HeatWatch cattle estrus and ultra-sound pregnancy monitoring systems, welding or repairing tractors, and plotting cattle futures.

Courses include:

  • Animal Breeding and Genetics
  • Animal Nutrition
  • General Veterinary Science
  • Meat Science

Related areas of concentration:

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Crop and Soil Science
  • Horticultural Science

What can I do with a degree in Agriculture-Business?

  • Animal Care Specialist
  • Animal Nutrition Specialist
  • Breed Analyst
  • Farm Cooperative Manager
  • Livestock Manager

How can I get involved outside the classroom?
At UCM, we value an engaging learning experience that includes student involvement and service-learning projects.
In Agriculture-Business, there are several opportunities to be involved:

  • Agriculture Ambassadors
  • Agriculture Club
  • Collegiate Farm Bureau
  • Delta Tau Alpha
  • Horticulture Club

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About our Faculty:
The student to faculty ratio at UCM is 20 to 1, which allows professors to get to know students and provide personalized attention.

Dedicated faculty and well-equipped facilities offer students a quality learning experience. All department faculty members have earned doctorates in their field of specialization.

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