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Skilled mathematicians, computer scientists, mathematics teachers and actuaries are needed today in virtually every corner of society. The University of Central Missouri's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is meeting this expanding need with programs suited to student interests as well as society's demands.

The department offers a diverse curriculum, including courses in calculus, computer science, geometry, abstract algebra, statistics, actuarial science, and mathematics education. Students may begin the study of mathematics at a level equal to their background. Students with strong mathematics backgrounds may choose to begin with calculus. Others may choose to start with algebra or trigonometry.

Computer Facilities

The mathematics and computer science programs are supported by a laboratory of networked PCs running Linux and Windows. Electronic mail, World Wide Web access, programming language compilers, and a variety of mathematical software are available. Laboratory access is available via the Internet.

A Mac computer laboratory supports teacher education programs in mathematics as well as projects and applications by other department majors and faculty.

About the Faculty

Mathematics and computer science classes are taught by experienced and caring faculty members who believe in individualized attention for their students. The student-faculty ratio at Central Missouri is about 20 to 1, which allows for personalized attention for each student.

In addition to a wide range of academic and professional experience, more than 75 percent of the department's faculty members have earned doctorates. The remaining faculty members have master's degrees. Active research, workshops and seminar participation keep faculty members current with their expanding fields.

Student Involvement

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science sponsors several student organizations that meet regularly to discuss topics ranging from new discoveries to career opportunities.

Included are Kappa Mu Epsilon, a national honor society for mathematics students; the Association for Computing Machinery, which keeps students informed of changes in the department's and university's computer facilities; a student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America for students interested in recent developments in the mathematical community; The Actuarial Organization, which provides students with career information about the actuarial profession; and the Central Missouri Math Educators, which provides opportunities for prospective middle school and high school teachers to discuss methods and trends in teacher education with UCM faculty members and area public school teachers.

Career Opportunities

The cognitive reasoning, organizational processes, and model-building structure of mathematics are skills that are in great demand in the physical, biological and social sciences, in commerce, government, industry, insurance and education. Wellqualified graduates entering this field can be assured that the variety of applications and opportunities in mathematics and computer science will continue to increase rapidly.

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