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15-To-Finish Scholarship


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Bachelor of Science Degree

The future depends greatly on how people solve the world's problems, and problem solving is what physicists do best. From work in biophysics to quatum computation, there are abundant opportunities in the sciences. The programs offered by the Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physics at the University of Central Missouri prepare students for these rewarding careers.

The physics degree programs at UCM provide a balanced curriculum of classroom instruction and practical laboratory experience.

About the Faculty

Active research, workshop and seminar participation keeps physics and chemistry faculty members current with the ever-advancing field of science. In addition to a wide range of academic and professional experience, all faculty members in UCM's Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physics have earned doctorates in their fields of expertise.

The department's caring and experienced faculty members support individualized attention for their students, and the university's low student to faculty ratio allows for such personalized activity. Classroom learning is reinforced through practical laboratory experiences, and the use of instrumentation is emphasized.


UCM's Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry & Physics is located in the W. C. Morris Science Building. The facilities include areas for general instructional use, audiovisual facilities, a library study area and modern laboratories in various areas of specialization. The department also has modern, wellequipped computer laboratories in chemistry and physics, as well as electronic classrooms for each discipline.

Career Opportunities

An undergraduate degree in physics prepares students for careers in research, teaching and applied physics. A physics background is excellent preparation for pursuing degrees in engineering, medicine, law, economics, or finance, as well as for graduate study in such fields as nuclear fusion and alternative energy sources, biophysics and biomedical imaging, quantum computation and crytography, oil and mineral exploration, atmospheric and space science, oceanography, and materials science, among others.

Student Involvement

Students are encouraged to supplement their academic programs through participation in campus organizations of special professional, service and academic interest. The Society of Physics Students and the American Chemical Society provide opportunities for members to have personal and informal association with the chemistry and physics faculty outside the classroom. The societies meet regularly, sponsor lectures on contemporary science topics, and provide avenues of participation for campus activities.

Students who merit academic recognition may be invited to join one or more of the honorary societies in science, such as Sigma Pi Sigma.

Students are considered for employment as laboratory or department assistants after completion of a minimum amount of training and study. This opportunity provides students with valuable teaching, research and technical experience.

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