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Hello and welcome to the University of Central Missouri’s Modern Languages Program.  Our mission is to provide a world-class educational experience in the various modern languages and to foster in our graduates both foreign language fluency and multicultural awareness.  In today’s ever-changing world, these are no longer luxuries; American citizens have a real responsibility to be able to competently navigate in the world outside U.S. borders. This program offers a major in Modern Languages, available in French, German, or Spanish as well as a Modern Languages minor and the World Languages and cultures minor. We also offer basic courses in Chinese and Japanese.

Our outstanding faculty members are dedicated to helping our students develop real-world linguistic skills and to broaden their horizons, becoming world citizens.  Of course, the best way to understand another culture is via direct experience, and to that end the department offers numerous study abroad options.  Whether you want to travel for a month, a semester, or a year, we can help you to develop a study-abroad program based on intensive language instruction and total cultural immersion.

It is difficult to overestimate the personal and professional value of a degree in a modern language.   There are almost no professional fields in which having the ability to speak another language does not improve one’s employment prospects and provide expanded professional opportunities.  Our graduates have gone on to work in just about every field imaginable.  Combining language study with other programs at UCM is a very popular choice, be it criminal justice, international justice, nursing, elementary or secondary education, or of course business.  Students interested in international business should inquire about our International Business Program, in which it’s possible to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages, followed by Master’s degree in Business Administration, all in only five years.

Current and prospective students, parents and alumni are welcome to visit our department for further information about our offerings.  Our offices are located on the second floor of the Wood Building, room 203.