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Degrees in German


Kristy Boney, Associate Professor of German

Julia Trumpold, Instructor of German

Program Profile and Completion Requirements

The German minor requires completion of 21 credit hours (7 courses).  The German major requires completion of 36 credit hours for the language and culture track, or 36 hours for the professional applications area plus the 30 hours in the concentration. GER 1301 (Elementary German I) and GER 1302 (Elementary German II) do not count toward the minor or major.

Courses possible for Minor and Major (after completion of GER 1301 and GER 1302)

GER 2301 Intermediate German
GER 2302 German Composition and Grammar
GER 2303 German Conversation I
GER 2390 Special Topics in German
GER 3301 Advanced German Readings
GER 3302 German Composition and Grammar
GER 3303 German Conversation II
GER 3323 Contemporary German Society
GER 3361 German Civilization
GER 3362 German Civilization and Literature II
GER 3365 Culture and Issues in German Speaking Countries
GER 4301 German Cinema
GER 4302 Advanced German Composition and Grammar
GER 4350 Business German
GER 4380 Masterpieces in German Literature
GER 4390 Special Topics in German

Student Outcomes
German Links
Audio Programs for Elementary and Intermediate level classes