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Film Festival
Stephanie Colvin
Quinn Oglesby
Megan Goss


Film Festival: Friday, April 8, 2016

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2016 Festival Guidelines



Tips for Making a Good Film

Click here to upload your film to Film Freeway, the site hosts the links for each film.

This year there is no festival YouTube channel.


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Talent Release Forms
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Parents and guardians may sign a paper form or an electronic form.

The electronic form will send a link to their email inbox. They do not need to sign up for an account with the service provider, hellosign. They simply click on the link in their inbox and fill out the form. It will automatically be sent to us.



April 8, 2016






2015 Film Festival Winners
Thank you and congratulations to all the participants!

Best Overall Film: Cathedral, Barstow School:

Best Chinese movie: Cathedral, Barstow School:

Best Overall French Film: Melancolie, Shawnee Mission North

Best German Film: Germanji, Lee's Summit

Best Overall Spanish: El chupacabra- Fayette

Best Social Justice Film: Hable alto, Nortre Dame

Best Animation: Malnutrition, Pembroke

Best Mystery: El chupacabra, Fayette

Best Comedy: Die Nachrichten, Lee's Summit West

Best Drama: Melancolie, Shawnee Mission North