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Reconstruction Preparation ~ Joplin

Date and time:

  Thursday, 8/23/2012
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  Joplin Police Dept.


  This course will be held at the Joplin Police Dept., located at 303 E 3rd St., Joplin, MO 64801. Contact at Corporal Dan Haskins 417-627-8880.

Missouri Safety Center Dress Code:
The Center is a formal training environment for civilians and professionals alike. All students are asked to follow our dress code which consists of attire that is typically found in a professional office environment; T-shirts, tank tops, shorts or sandals are not appropriate in class.

**PLEASE NOTE** This class will be taught using laptop computers. If you have a laptop available you should bring it with you. If you do not have a laptop you need to contact the Missouri Safety Center at least one week prior to the class. We have a limited number of laptops that can be used during the class. A “thumb drive” will be provided to each student with the lessons & information.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive C.E.H's under Missouri P.O.S.T. and ACTAR continuing education units (CEU’s) will be awarded to ACTAR accredited students for Missouri Law Enforcement officers. Please note starting times each day to ensure you are credited for attendance.

Thursday, August 23, 2012
(8:00am - 5:00pm)

Friday, August 24, 2012
(8:00am - To finish)

Following is a list of items you will need to bring with you to class. You can find most of these items at your local discount store, or your local art supply store.

List of materials:
1. Writing Pad
2. Drawing Compass
3. French Curves
4. 45 degree angle, and a 30, 60, 90 degree angle
5. Good Soft Eraser
6. A good 5mm Mechanical Drawing Pencil (It is advised to spend a little more money on this item. It should fit your hand well and be comfortable to write and draw with. You will be using it through the whole training.)
7. Texas Instrument 30XA Scientific Calculator (These are inexpensive and can be purchased at most discount or business supply stores.)
8. 360 degree Protractor*
9. Traffic Crash Template*

* If you prefer, you may purchase the 360 degree Protractor ($8.50) and/or the Missouri Safety Center's Traffic Crash Template ($10) on the first day of class.

If you have questions please contact Jim Delap, or 660-543-4081.

Secure Online Registration:

  The deadline for online registration has passed. Please use the contact information below for more information.


  Missouri Safety Center


  Bev Richardson, Office Professional