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McClure Archives and University Museum Seeks COVID-19 Impact Submissions

By Jeff Murphy, April 27, 2020

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WARRENSBURG, MO – As the University of Central Missouri approaches the 150th year since its founding, it has much to celebrate regarding the institution’s rich history, including both the many milestones that have been achieved and challenges overcome. Having an important role in educating the campus community and preserving historical materials that tell the university story, the McClure Archives and University Museum is gathering information about the impact of COVID-19 on the campus and surrounding communities.

The staff of the McClure Archives and University Museum is archiving this important point in the lives of UCM community members by participating in the COVID-19 Archive. As the official repository for UCM, the archives/museum seeks to collect a wide variety of items - diaries, photos, memes, screen shots, anything that documents individuals’ experiences during this pandemic.

Those who would like to share these items are encouraged to submit them to Anyone who provides such items should be sure to include an explanation of background, and their full name for entry into the digital archives. Anyone can submit anything related to COVID-19, and as many items as they wish - no limits, according to Amber Clifford Napoleone, Ph.D., professor of anthropology and director of the McClure Archives and University Museum.

COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented actions taken by the university to help prevent the spread of a virus, including a mandated work remote initiative, moving to all-online classes for the spring 2020 semester, postponing the spring commencement, canceling athletic activities and many other measures. Since 1871, the campus has demonstrated its resilience to overcome obstacles that have ranged from a Spanish flu outbreak to a massive fire in 1915 that destroyed major buildings yet the university has always continued to push on by offering classes. The McClure Archives and University Museum is the information hub for those who want to learn more.


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