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UCM Observing Graduate Education Week Oct. 12-16

By Jeff Murphy, October 9, 2020

Graduate Students Week
WARRENSBURG, MO – Recognizing the value of universities with graduate-level programs which are preparing thousands of education specialists, master’s and doctoral students with discipline-specific and transferable skills to meet critical workforce and societal needs, Oct. 12-16 is designated Graduate Education Week.


UCM is joining in the observance with other institutions around the state to celebrate graduate students and opportunities colleges and universities provide those who seek advanced degrees. Odin Jurkowski, director of Graduate Education and Research (GER) at UCM, said a wide range of activities are planned during the week, including social networking opportunities, workshops, and an introduction to various services for those seeking advanced degrees. Campus activities are being coordinated by GER and the Office of Graduate and International Student Services (GISS).


To commemorate this special week, free drink coupons from Einstein’s and Starbucks will be provided in the GER office, and free candy will be available in GISS, both during regular operating hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily door prizes, made possible by local business sponsors, also will be awarded with multiple winners each day. Students are allowed to enter online drawings for these prizes once a day through the Google form with their student email. Daily newsletters will be sent to graduate students’ campus email addresses providing them with more details about Graduate Education Week special events throughout the week.


Themes have been designated for each day of the week:

  • On “Mindfulness Monday,” Oct. 12, there will be online mental fitness workshops with the Counseling Center offered online anytime.
  • “Let’s Talk Money Tuesday” is Oct. 13, and features the Online Graduate Research Workshop with James C. Kirkpatrick Library (JCKL). This session takes place from 4 to 5:50 p.m. and requires pre-registration.
  • For those who can’t participate at this time, “Why GSA Wednesday,” Oct. 14, provides another Online Graduate Workshop with JCKL from 7 to 8:50 p.m.
  • “Throwback Thursday,” Oct. 15, includes a session on “Where are They Now: Graduate Student Alumni; and the week concludes Oct. 16 with “Friday Funday,” focusing on free coffee coupons, candy and raffle prizes.

Information about scholarships and research funding, the introduction of the 2020-2021 GSA Executive Board, details about how to become a member of GSA, tips and advice from current graduate students, also will be addressed during the week. Students should look to the daily newsletters to learn more.


Graduate enrollment continues to play a significant role at UCM, which today accounts for about one-quarter of all students on campus. According to a past proclamation issued by Missouri Governor Mike Parson, this group of students helps to fill a vital need for a highly educated and analytical workforce in Missouri in order to address complex society and economic needs of the 21st century. As discovery and innovation have created dramatic shifts in the labor force, there remains a critical need for professionals in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, and individuals who have a graduate education. These individuals are essential to filling jobs of the future.


To learn more about Graduate Education Week at UCM, contact Jurkowski at 660-543-8678 or go online at


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