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UCM Expands Out-of-State Scholarship Program to Include Louisiana and Mississippi Residents

By Alex Greenwood, June 20, 2024


UC Out-of-State Scholarship


WARRENSBURG, MO – The University of Central Missouri (UCM) is pleased to announce the expansion of its automatic, in-state, out-of-state scholarship program, which now includes residents of Louisiana and Mississippi. This initiative was approved by the UCM Board of Governors in March 2024.


Currently, the UCM Bound Out-of-State Scholarship offers a tuition reduction equivalent to in-state tuition for residents of states with Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA) member institutions and bordering states.

“Providing in-state tuition to our newest MIAA member bordering states furthers our commitment to offer valuable higher education degrees that are accessible and affordable,” said UCM President Roger Best. “The success of our students remains our top priority as evidenced by our national rankings along with career placement rates that are substantially higher than the national average. UCM is home to students from 48 states and 52 countries. It is our privilege to welcome them to our community."

Effective July 1, 2024, the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith will join the MIAA, thereby designating Louisiana and Mississippi as new border states. This expansion aligns with the board's March 2021 decision to extend the non-resident tuition waiver to all states with MIAA member institutions and their neighboring states, previously adding five states to the scholarship program.


With this expansion, UCM continues its commitment to providing greater access and success for students from diverse geographic regions. For more information regarding eligibility, visit our website or contact UCM Student Financial Services at (660) 543-8266.



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