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Faculty and Staff

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Janet Andrews Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Dr. Barbara Baker Adjunct Emeriti 660-543-8450
Candee Baker Adjunct Emeriti 660-543-4775
Mallory Bejster Assistant Professor 660-543-4775
Karrie Bissen Assistant Professor 660-543-8548
Cindy Bradley Assistant Professor 660-543-6600
Jeanette Buckles Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Kelly Casler Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Dr. Julie Clawson Department Chair & Professor 660-543-4775
Tracy Colon Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Paige Cooper Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Holly Doogs Assistant Professor 660-543-4850
Pam Estep Assistant Professor 660-543-6605
Anna Fedkina Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Sherri Fenwick Assistant Professor 660-543-8549
Rose Marie Fowler-Swarts Assistant Professor 660-543-6602
Tess (Carol) Garrison Assistant Professor 660-543-6608
Lisa Guthrie Adjunct Instructor 660-543-4775
Trisha Highland Adjunct Instructor 660-543-4775
Sara Hoffmann Assistant Professor 660-543-6604
Julie Khan Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600  
Kim Krewson Program Assistant 660-543-4775
Gina Koch Assistant Professor 660-543-8305
Lucinda Mehl Adjunct Instructor 660-543-4775
Dr. Linda Mulligan Professor 660-543-6606
Lori Myrick Adjunct Instructor 660-543-4775  
Dr. Allison Norwood Assistant Professor 660-543-8546
Dr. C. Jo Riggs Professor 660-543-6607
Martha Sanderford-Smith Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Karin Sartwell Assistant Professor 660-543-8824
Marcia Sholl Assistant Professor 660-543-6603
Greg Simpson Assistant Professor 660-543-6600
Kelly Skinner Assistant Professor 660-543-6609
Lindsey Smithson Student Services Coordinator 660-543-8736
Michelle Sowa Office Professional 660-543-6600
Dena Taylor Adjunct Instructor 660-543-4775
Dr. Margo Thompson Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Pam Tolmoff Assistant Professor 660-543-8097
Faye Vandendaele Adjunct Instructor 660-543-6600
Amy Yancey Student Services Coordinator 660-543-8438