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Department of Nursing

University of Central Missouri
University Health Center 106
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4775

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Health and Immunization Record

As a professional nurse, the graduate student is expected to maintain immunizations according to the departmental policy. The University of Central Missouri, Department of Nursing Student Health Immunization Form, furnished by the Department of Nursing, should be complete.

CPR Certification

Students must be trained and certified in adult and child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) prior to enrollment in graduate courses requiring clinical experience.  Students must maintain re-certification throughout the program.

Non-Degree Students

Individuals may take graduate level courses as a non-degree student, provided they have a bachelor of science in nursing degree from a National League for Nursing (NLN) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accredited school. Non-degree students are admitted to individual classes by permission of the instructor on a space available basis. To apply, applicants must send an official copy of all undergraduate nursing transcripts to the Department of Nursing, along with a completed Application for Admission as a non-degree student. Students who also register for clinical courses must submit two letters of reference from their employer and evidence of licensure as a nurse in the state of Missouri.

All non-degree application requirements must be received by the deadline for the semester during which the course will be offered. If permission is granted by faculty, the student will be notified by the chair of the Department of Nursing. (Non-degree students requesting a second course may make the request to the Department of Nursing). Up to seven credits earned as a non-degree student are accepted for credit towards the MS degree if the applicant is later admitted to the master's program.

Transfer of Graduate Credits

Transfer credit will be given only for academic work completed within eight years before matriculation at Central Missouri. Such units are transferable only if the student has earned a minimum of 6 units of graduate credit at University of Central Missouri's Department of Nursing. A student wishing to transfer course work should make a written request, and provide a syllabus or some other description of the course to his/her academic advisor. (See Central Missouri's Graduate Catalog for other policies related to the transfer of graduate credit).

Transfer to Another Graduate Nursing Emphasis Area

A change of graduate nursing emphasis area may be made, contingent upon approval of the faculty involved. Should a change be made, a student must meet all requirements of the new emphasis area.


The Graduate Program Coordinator will assign students to graduate faculty for advisement. The graduate faculty advisor assists the students in planning and implementing his/her course of study throughout the master's program.


All courses counting toward the master's degree must be taken for the following grades: A(4.0); B (3.0); C (2.0). Master's degree students with a GPA of less than 2.7 after completing 20 credits will be asked to withdraw from the program. An F (0.0) in any graduate level course will result in administrative withdrawal from the program at the end of the semester in which the grade is received. In case of illness or other nonacademic problems, it is the student's responsibility to negotiate with the professor for a U (uncompleted grade).


Graduation exercises are held twice a year, in May and December, when degrees are conferred and diplomas issued to students who have completed all requirements. Diplomas cannot be issued until they are approved by the Academic Council and Board of Governors. All graduates are encouraged to attend commencement exercises.