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Department of Nursing

University of Central Missouri
University Health Center 106
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4775

Program Structure

Total credits required for graduation:  
Nurse Educator 33 credit hours
Family Nurse Practitioner 44 credit hours

Core Courses: Major Requirements

Course Name Credit Hours
NUR 5000 Methods of Research in Nursing 3
NUR 5015 Theories of Nursing 3
NUR 5016 Family Population Health 3
NUR 5017 Organizational Leadership in Complex Health Systems 3
NUR 5018 Health Care Policy and Advocacy 3
Graduate Statistics 3
Total Core 18

Advanced Practice Area

Course Name Credit Hours
NUR 5020 Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing 3
NUR 5200 Family Nurse Practitioner: Primary Care of the Childbearing Family 3
NUR 5201 Family Nurse Practitioner: Primary Care of the Childrearing Family 3
NUR 5202 Family Nurse Practitioner: Primary Care of Adults and the Elderly, I 3
NUR 5203 Family Nurse Practitioner: Primary Care of Adults and the Elderly, II 3
NUR 5204 Family Nurse Practitioner: Primary Care Practicum 4
NUR 5300 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NUR 5310 Advanced Health Appraisal 4

Nursing Specialty Area: Nurse Educator

Course Name Credit Hours
NUR 5035 Measurement in Nursing 2
NUR 5038 Nurse Educator: Concepts of Physiology/Pathophysiology/Pharmacology and Health Assessment 3
NUR 5039 Nurse Educator: Direct Patient Care Clinical Practica 1
NUR 5040 Teaching Theory in Nursing 3
NUR 5041 Teaching Clinical Practicum in Nursing 3
NUR 5050 Designing Nursing Curricula 3

Requirements for capstone experience:
The Family Nurse Practitioner and the Nurse Educator student will complete a capstone clinical experience.