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Department of Nursing

University of Central Missouri
University Health Center 106
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4775

Withdrawal Policy

Students within the program who withdraw from any nursing course are automatically suspended from the program and must follow the Retention Policy in order to be retained.  Students who withdraw from a nursing course and do not follow the requirements of the Nursing Department Withdrawal Policy as stated below will not be considered for retention.

Students who withdraw from any nursing course must compete with other students for retention to the program.  Students may be readmitted only once to the nursing program based on the decision of the Admissions and Progression Committee.

Students who have been attending meetings of a nursing course and wish to withdraw should:

Clinical/practicum courses

Theory Courses

**Students are not eligible to withdraw from a nursing clinical/practicum course when they have received their final grade from the instructor.  Students who receive a final grade of D or F from the instructor and withdraw from the course will have their erroneous "W" changed to the appropriate failing grade by the Department of Nursing.

Students who have not attended classes in the semester they wish to withdraw may withdraw from nursing courses by following the University Withdrawal Policy.