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D&N course descriptions

D&N Course Descriptions

D&N 1300 Introduction to Dietetics (1) Overview dietetics and nutrition including history, current trends and career opportunities.

D&N 2310 Early Childhood Nutrition and Health (2) Application of principles of nutrition, significance of food habits, including the influences of family living, cultural patterns, and commercialization in relation to the health of young children.

D&N 3340 Nutrition (3) Digestive process and fundamental principles of nutrition and their application to the feeding of individuals. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in CHEM 1104 or CHEM 1131. FA, SP, SU.

D&N 3350 Community Nutrition (3) Public health nutrition and nutrition care delivery in community programs. Prerequisite: D&N 3340 with a grade of C or better.

D&N 4342 Medical Nutrition I (3) Role of nutrition in the prevention and dietary treatment of disease. Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in BIOL 3401, BIOL 3402, D&N 3340 and CHEM 1604. FA.

D&N 4343 Medical Nutrition II (3) A case study oriented approach to nutritional medicine with an in-depth emphasis on pathophysiology and the nutritional care plan in the prevention and treatment of disease. Prerequisite: D&N 4342 with a grade of C or better. SP.

D&N 4344 Nutrition Education and Counseling* (2) This course is designed to assist in the development of skills related to nutrition counseling and communication, as well as enhance group nutrition education experience and skills Prerequisite: D&N 4342 with a grade of C or better. *Not available for graduate credit.

D&N 4345 Senior Dietetics Seminar* (3) Philosophy and current issues and trends in dietetics. Group and individual problems which will lead to investigation of individual research problem. Prerequisites: senior standing.

D&N 4346 Dietary Supplements (3) Course focuses on federal regulation of the natural health products industry, quality control of supplements, and legal and ethical considerations in recommending dietary supplements and complementary therapies. Prerequisites: D&N 4340 Advanced Nutrition or HED 4300 Nutrition and Human Performance

D&N 4350 Special Problems in Foods and Nutrition (2-3) An in-depth study of human nutrition; some foods emphasis. Group and/or individual problems including reports, discussion, bibliographies, research, and experiments. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. Prerequisite: senior standing.