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HED Descriptions

HED Course Descriptions

HED 1010 Introduction to Health Studies (1) This course includes material designed to assist the student in the skillful selection and understanding of an associated, adjunctive, rehabilitative, administrative, or affiliated health- care career.

HED 1100 Personal Health (3) Health issues in today’s society with special reference and application to the present and future life of the student. FA, SP.

HED 1200 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living (3) Explores current knowledge about basic human nutrition, dietary requirements, diet analysis, food safety, and weight management for all ages.

HED 1350 Responding to Emergencies (3) The first aid practice and theory for common emergencies. An additional fee is associated with this course. FA, SP.

HED 3180 Basic First Aid/CPR/Aed for Health Care Professionals* (1) This course is designed to prepare students to administer first aid and CPR/AED in a clinical setting. An additional fee is associated with this course. *Not available for graduate credit.

HED 3310 Methods in Elementary School Health (2) Curriculum and lesson plan development, basic health concepts, and methodology of teaching elementary health education. FA, SP, SU.

HED 3360 Methods in Secondary School Health (2) Explores the current trends in curriculum development in health education and the legal aspects of school health. Prerequisite: EDFL 2240.

HED 4000 Special Projects in Health education (1-5) Individual or group study of problems in special areas of interest. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.

HED 4300 Nutrition and Human Performance (2) Nutrition as it applies to athletics, physical exercise, and health. Prerequisites: PE 1800 and PE 2850 or equivalent. FA, SP.

HED 4310 drugs and youth (3) Use and abuse of alcohol and drugs; current problems relative to drug use, abuse, and control; programs in education, law enforcement, and community agencies. FA, SP, SU.

HED 4320 Teaching Sexuality Education in the School (3) Prepares the teacher for course development, instruction and integration of sexuality education into the school curriculum. FA, SP.

HED 4330 First Aid and CPR for Educators* (1) Skills and principles of first aid and accident prevention in the schools. Students may receive American Red Cross first aid and CPR certification. *Not available for graduate credit. An additional fee is associated with this course. FA, SP, SU.

HED 4370 Human diseases (3) An overview of the agents of disease, the processes of contagion, and the effects on humans. Prerequisites: PE 2850 or BIOL 3401 or equivalent.

HED 4390 Community Health Education (3) Various types of health programs conducted by private, volunteer, and official agencies are explored. SP, SU.

HED 4400 Health Program Planning and Evaluation (3) This course is designed to provide the student with the skills necessary to assess, develop, implement, and evaluate health programs within a community.