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NUTR Course Descriptions

NUTR Course Descriptions

NUTR 4300 Nutrition and Human Performance (2) Nutrition as it applies to athletics, physical exercise, and health.  Prerequisites:  PE 1800 and PE 2850 or equivalent.  FA, SP

NUTR 5001 Nutrition Across the Lifespan (3) This course examines nutrition across the lifespan from a biological perspective.  The impact of nutrition on preconception, pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging will be studied.  For every phase of life, normal growth and development, nutrient needs, nutrition assessment and the most common nutritional deficiencies will be addressed.  Prerequisites:  D&N 3350 or instructor consent


NUTR 5002 Advanced Medical Nutrition I (3) Part 1 of a two semester course designed to provide students enrolled in the combined Master of Science - Dietetic Internship Program with the opportunity to integrate the theories and principles of medical nutrition therapy into clinical practice.  Case studies will be used to help students integrate and apply their knowledge of nutrition, dietetics, metabolism and physiology, with the ultimate goal of producing students who can effectively plan and manage the nutritional care of a variety of patients using a critical thinking approach to evidence-based medical/nutrition therapy.  Topics include: critical thinking, the nutrition care process, standardized language and documentation, assessment, interviewing, evidence-based medical nutrition therapy, diabetes mellitus, and kidney disease as well as confidentiality of medical records and JCAHO regulations.  Prerequisites:  D&N 4343 or instructor consent


NUTR 5003 Advanced Community Nutrition (3) This is a graduate level clinical nutrition class in which students learn the essential steps and rationale in providing nutrition care for patients in acute, long-term and ambulatory settings.  Evidence-based nutrition therapy and the basic scientific principles for its application are reviewed for the most common and important clinical nutrition issues.  NUTR 5003 can serve as an update for practitioners working in the field.  Prerequisites:  NUTR 5001 or instructor consent


NUTR 5004 Advanced Medical Nutrition II (3) Principles and practices of teaching individuals and groups to translate nutrition knowledge into action.  Emphasis on research in and evaluation of nutrition education.  Prerequisite:  NUTR 5002 or instructor consent


NUTR 5005 Macronutrients (3) NUTR 5005 is an advanced course in the nutrition sciences.  Students are expected to be familiar with the material covered in introductory nutrition as well as the biochemistry and physiology courses offered at UCM.  These courses will serve as the foundation for the material we will explore in this course.  NUTR 5005 will cover topics related to:  energy metabolism, carbohydrates and fiber, lipids and lipoproteins, and amino acids and proteins.  Prerequisites:  D&N 4340 or instructor consent


NUTR 5006 Micronutrients (3) The study of the functional roles of vitamins and minerals in human nutrition.  Course content will include review of essential functions for the vitamins and minerals, health implications of varying amounts vitamins and minerals in the diet, interactions between vitamins, interactions between minerals, vitamin and mineral interactions, and the process of establishing nutrient requirements.  Prerequisites:  NUTR 5005 or instructor consent


NUTR 5007 Pediatric Nutrition (3) This course examines nutrition beginning in utero and continuing up to 18 years of age in health and disease.  Medical nutrition therapy for a variety of medical conditions found in this population will be discussed including inborn errors of metabolism, food hypersensitivity, obesity, and diseases of the major organ systems.  Prerequisites:  NUTR 5001 or instructor consent


NUTR 5008 Geriatric Nutrition (3) The course covers demographic facts about elders, physiological, sociological and psychological changes associated with aging, and some introductory material about nutritional status in elders.  The remainder of the course covers food habits, nutritional assessment, nutrient requirements, dietary and nutritional status of elders, diseases or conditions common in elders and exercise for elders.  Prerequisites:  NUTR 5001 or instructor consent