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SM Course Descriptions

SM Course Descriptions

SM 2100 Introduction to Sport Management (3) An introduction to the field of sport management, introducing the concepts, scope, organization and common practices in the sport management industry.

SM 3300 Leisure and Sport (3) Examination of the role of leisure services in the 21st century including an in-depth analysis of relevant concepts, industry dynamics, and trends. Prerequisite: SM 2100. 

SM 4000 Seminar in Sport Management* (3) Study and discussion of professional issues, trends, and basic risk management principles in a seminar format. Prerequisite: juior standing and approval of the department. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4200 Applied Sport Marketing* (3) Provide an in depth analysis of various aspects of applied sport marketing and the application of sport marketing with emphasis on intercollegiate athletics, professional sport, community sport, and multi-sport club operations. Prerequisites: SM 2100 and MKT 3405 or consent of the instructor. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4210 Sport and Media* (3) Introduce students to the importance of sport to the mass media, the work of sport journalists and sport broadcasting. Students will gain factual knowledge about the sport industry and specifically the symbiotic relationship between sport and the media. Prerequisites: SM 2100 and SM 4200 or consent of the instructor. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4220 Sport Sponsorship and Retention* (3) Provide students with theoretical and empirical knowledge of sport sponsorship. Students will master topics including marketing, brand equity, marketing communication theories, sport sponsorship evaluations, and sport sponsorship proposals. Prerequisites: SM 2100 and SM 4200. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4300 Recreational Sport Management* (3) The study of theoretically based provisions of opportunities in recreational sport. Emphasis is on understanding all aspects of recreational sport programming. Prerequisites:  SM 2100 and SM 3300.  *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4400 Sport Communication* (3) Provide an introduction to the area of sport communication. Topics include: historical and theoretical features of the field, sport information, public relations, media production, personal and organizational processes, sport media, services and support systems, and sociological and legal aspects. Prerequisite: SM 2100. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4500 Sport Leadership* (3) A study of leadership theories, concepts,and applications as they apply to athletic and sport organizations. This course will explore traits and behaviors of leaders, power and influence dynamics between leaders and led, leading groups, and effective sport organization processes. Prerequisite: SM 2100. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4700 Sport Facility Management* (3) An introduction to sport facility management, facility development, facility systems and operation, and facility administration. Prerequisite: SM 2100. *Not available for graduate credit.

SM 4720 Managing Sport Events* (3) An introduction to sport event management through a practical application of foundational concepts. Prerequisite: SM 2100. *Not available for graduate credit. 


SM 4980 Internship* (6) A 400-hour field experience applying sport management principles and theories in an approved sport management setting. Prerequisite: SM 4900 and consent of Instructor. *Not available for graduate credit.