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Human Performance Lab - Equipment List

Equipment List, March 15, 2016
Equipment Output Variables Training Needed
True One Parvomedics Metabolic Cart (VO2max assessment) with computer driven treadmill and bike ergometer O2 consumption, CO2 production, Calories, ventilation, Ventilatory Threshold, METS, Resting energy expenditure(24hr kcal) 2-3 sessions 30-45 min each. Must have supervision for at least one session after training.
BOD POD (body fat assessment) Body weight, Body Composition (Body fat 1.5-2% accurate), Lean body mass, Resting metabolic rate estimated 2 sessions 30 min each
Lang Skin Fold Calipers (10) Body fat measures in mm (3-3.5% accurate depending on experience of tester) 2 sessions 15 min, (more practice evokes greater accuracy)
Harpendum Skin fold caliper Body fat measures in .1 mm (3-3.5% accurate depending on experience of tester) 2 sessions 15 min, (more practice evokes greater accuracy)
Spring loaded tape measure Body anthropometrics (waist, hip, etc) 1 session 10 min
Omron bioelectric impedance analyzer (BIA) (body fat testing) Body fat, Body Mass Index (BMI) 1 session 10 min
Urine refractometer Urine specific gravity (body hydration) 1 session 15 min
Sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure) Systolic and diastolic blood pressure (mmHg) 1 session 30 min (practice improves accuracy)
Stethoscopes Auscultate heart sounds and blood pressure  
Velotron bike with anaerobic software for Wingate test Peak power output in 3 seconds (watts), Percent fatigue in 30 seconds, Average power output in 30 seconds 1-2 sessions 15 minutes
5 Monark 828 ergometer bikes VO2 estimates using maximal or submaximal workloads. Used to elicit various responses to exercise such as heart rate, BP, sweat rate, etc. 1 session 10 min
Corival bike ergometer Electronic bike interfaces with Parvomedics gas analyzer for ramp protocols 2-3 session 30-45 minutes
Under Water Weighing tank Body Fat 2 sessions 45 min
Stadiometer Height in inches and CM 1 session 5 minutes
EKG with prep supplies for stress testing P,QRS,T waves to determine heart rhythms 2-3 sessions
YSI skin temp probes Skin temperature 1 session 45 min
Polar Heart Rate monitors (both downloadable and not downloadable) Heart rate (current and average) beats per minute 1 session 15-30 minutes
Bench with Olympic barbell Used for muscular strength and muscular endurance testing  
Handgrip dynamometer Pounds or kilograms (used to measure static hand grip strength) 1 session 10 min
Metronomes (6) Used for monitoring cadence in VO2 testing and muscular endurance testing  
Exercise mats Taped for curl-up tests for muscular endurance assessment  
Steps Stackable for various step test for VO2 estimates and anaerobic testing  
Pedometer Records number of steps Used to determine daily activity
Sit-and-reach box Used for indirect measure of back and hip flexibility in cm  
DEXA Body composition (lean, fat, and bone mass) determines obesity, osteoporosis, etc. 2-3 sessions 45 minutes must have supervision
Scout Lactate analyzer with supplies Blood lactate in MM/dl 1-2 sessions 30 minutes
Phlebotomy supplies Venous bloods draws up to 5ml/draw 1-2 sessions 30 minutes (available to graduate students only)
Core Temperature Radio telemetery Records continuous core body temp 1-2 sessions 30 minutes
Spirometry Measures lung volumes and forced expiratory volume 45 min 2 sessions
InBody570 Body fat and Muscle Mass (Lean body mass) by segment 10 min 1 session
Continuous Glucose Monitor Determines blood glucose 2 sessions 2 hrs
Med Gem Resting metabolic rate 1 session 30 min
  Biochemistry Lab Equipment

Use for Faculty and authorized students

Chemwell Blood Analyzer Computerized assessment of numerous blood chemistry variables Multiple sessions over serveral days (grad students and faculty only)
Beckman Refrigerated Centrifuge    
Scout-Pro table top scale    
Cleatech hood with filters    
Digital Vortex mixer    
-20 degree freezer    
Multi and Single pipetters    
Test tubes and racks    
Phlebotomy supplies