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Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy student testimonial
Athletic Training Program Testimonials
Sport Management Program Testimonial UCM
Two university of Central Missouri students receive $5,000 scholarships in the Department of Nutrition and Kinesiology
Physical Educatoin


ATP Student and Faculty Profiles


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Left to right: Rachel Brown (Instructor/Athletic Trainer); Samantha Tienken (Instructor/Athletic Trainer); Molly Jennings (Clincial Education Coordinator); Dr. Brian Hughes (Program Director)



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Class of 2018

Front Row (left to right): Winnie Wilson, CayCee McKinney, Corie Williams, Lindy Moncado, Amber Simpson;

Back Row (left to right): Yoshihiro Kojima, Mitchell Wilhoit, Alyssa Scholl, Malik Green


Class of 2019

Front Row (left to right): Allison Dalton, Leah Harold, Makenna Veale;

Back Row (left to right): Hally Nelson, Stephen Sattler, Keyen Braughton, Tommy Chun, Shelby Murrell


Class of 2020

Front Row (left to right): Katherine Reeves, Kaitlyn Edison, Allie Scates, Gary Williams Atito, Mckenzie Higgins, Joshua Allman;

Back Row (left to right): Jessica Goetz, Kelly Warford, Haskel Buford, Dustan Barnett, Jach Hopkins, Matthew Oliphant


Athletic Training Students

Front Row (left to right): Matthew Oliphant, Lindy Moncado, Kaitlyn Edison, Allie Scates, Leah Harold, Makenna Veale, Gary Williams Atito, Mckenzie Higgins, Corie Williams, Allison Dalton;
Middle Row (left to right): Winnie Wilson, Tommy Chun, Kelly Warford, Alyssa Scholl, Haskel Buford, Dustan Barnett, Zach Hopkins, Keyen Braughton, Stephen Sattler, Joshua Allman;
Back Row (left to right): Katherine Reeves, Jessica Goetz, Shelby Murrell, Amber Simpson, Yoshihiro Kojima, Mitchell Wilhoit, Malik Green, CayCee McKinney, Hally Nelson