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Course Descriptions

D&N 1300 Introduction to Dietetics (1) Overview dietetics and nutrition including history, current trends and career opportunities.

D&N 2310 Early Childhood Nutrition and Health (2) Application of principles of nutrition, significance of food habits, including the influences of family living, cultural patterns, and commercialization in relation to the health of young children.

D&N 3340 Nutrition (3) Digestive process and fundamental principles of nutrition and their application to the feeding of individuals. Prerequisite: CHEM 1103 or CHEM 1104.

D&N 3350 Community Nutrition (3) Public health nutrition and nutrition care delivery in community programs. Prerequisite: D&N 3340.

D&N 3360 Entrepreneurship for Dietetics Professionals (3) Identifies and develops dietetic entrepreneurial opportunities in a rapidly changing employment environment. Prerequisites: FOOD 3333 and D&N 3340.

D&N 4340 Advanced Nutrition (3) An in-depth study of human nutrition and the evaluation of nutritional status. Prerequisites: BIOL 3402, D&N 3340 and CHEM 1604 or CHEM 4421.

D&N 4341 Child Nutrition (2) Nutritive requirements of mothers during pregnancy and lactation and of children during early childhood. Bases of determining reliability of nutrition information. Prerequisite: D&N 3340.

D&N 4342 Medical Nutrition I (3) Role of nutrition in the prevention and dietary treatment of disease. Only offered fall semester. Prerequisites: BIOL 3402, D&N 3340 and CHEM 1604 or CHEM 4421.

D&N 4343 Medical Nutrition II (3) A case study oriented approach to nutritional medicine with an in-depth emphasis on pathophysiology and the nutritional care plan in the prevention and treatment of disease. Only offered spring semester. Prerequisite: D&N 4342.

D&N 4344 Nutrition Education and Counseling (2) This course is designed to assist in the development of skills related to nutrition counseling and communication, as well as enhance group nutition education experience and skills. *Not available for graduate credit.

D&N 4345 Senior Dietetics Seminar* (3) Philosophy and current issues and trends in dietetics. Group and individual problems which will lead to investigation of individual research problem. Prerequisites: PSY 4520 or equivalent and senior class standing. *Not available for graduate credit.

D&N 4350 Special Problems in Foods and Nutrition (2-3) An in-depth study of human nutrition; some foods emphasis. Group and/or individual problems including reports, discussion, bibliographies, research, and experiments. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. Prerequisites: D&N 3340 or consent.

D&N 4351 Geriatric Nutrition (2) Dietary needs and feeding of the elderly. Prerequisite: D&N 3340 or consent.

ACCT 2100 Survey of Accounting (3) Study of elementary financial and managerial accounting to include the preparation and use of accounting statements and use of accounting information for managerial decisions.

BIOL 2510 Basic Genetics (3) Survey of heredity with emphasis on classical and modern genetics in context of human diversity, health and impact on society and the environment.

BIOL 3401 Human Anatomy (3: 1 lecture, 2 lab) The systematic study of human anatomy, including the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune, respiratory, urinary, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive systems. Prerequisite: CHEM 1103 or CHEM 1104 or CHEM 1131.

BIOL 3402 Human Physiology (5: 4 lecture, 1 lab) The study of physiological processes of humans, including membranes, muscle, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, endocrine and reproductive physiology. Prerequisite: BIOL 3401.

BIOL 3611 Microbiology (4: 3 lecture, 1 lab) . An introduction to the major groups of microorganisms, including their cell structure, metabolism, genetics, and ecology. Emphasis is placed upon the bacteria and viruses. Prerequisites: BIOL 1110 or BIOL 3402; and CHEM 1104 or CHEM 1131. An editional fee is associated with this course.

CHEM 1604 Elementary Organic and Biochemistry (4) A brief introductory course in organic chemistry and fundamental concepts of biochemistry with emphasis on physiological, nutritional, and comparative aspects. Includes laboratory experience. May not be used for credit in chemistry major and minor programs on the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Prerequisite: CHEM 1104. An additional fee is associated with this course.

FOOD 2320 Sanitation and Safety (1) Sanitation and Safety procedures, ServSafe Certification, and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification. FA, SP.

FOOD 2322 Food Preparation (3) Properties and preparation of grains, fruits, vegetables, milk products, protein foods, fats, sugar products, and flour mixtures through demonstrations and laboratory experiences. Prerequisite: grade of C or better in CHEM 1104 or equivalent. An additional fee is associated with this course. FA, SP, SU.

FOOD 3332 Quantity Food Production and Service (3) Principles and standard methods of quality food production, menus, and service in institutions and their application in work experience. Laboratory involves planning and preparing catered events and working at outside foodservices sites. Prerequisites: FOOD 2320 and FOOD 2322. FA, SP.

FOOD 3333 Food Systems Management (3) Organization and management in food service areas including administrative responsibilities, qualifications, personnel management, and cost control. Prerequisite: ACCT 2100 or concurrently. FA.

FOOD 3334 Advanced Food Systems Management (3) Selection,layout and maintenance of equipment in large quantity food service areas. Also a study of food purchasing for institutions. Prerequisite: FOOD 3333. SP.

FOOD 4326 Experimental Foods (3) An experimental approach to the study of factors which influence the behavior of foods. Group and individual experiments. Prerequisite: FOOD 2322 or equivalent. An additional fee is associated with this course. FA, SP.

PSY 4520 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (3) Basic statistical methods. The techniques used to analyze frequency distributions, correlations, and tests of significance. Course includes scheduled laboratory. FA, SP, SU.