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Student Outcomes

The graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics will qualify for a post-baccalaureate internship program. Student outcome goals:

  1. Solve service-oriented problems utilizing knowledge of nutritional assessment, intervention and evaluation skills.
  2. Utilize current knowledge, technology, and research to enhance the practice of dietetics.
  3. Exhibit behaviors consistent with attitudes based on beliefs that an understanding/appreciation of global concerns and the diversity of humankind.
  4. Attend professional dietetic meetings at the local, state, and/or the national level.
  5. Acquire the knowledge and skills for the successful participation in a supervised dietetics program, employment related to foods and nutrition, or graduate study.
  6. Acquire the knowledge, skills, professionalism and ethical conduct needed to become a competent entry-level dietitian.
  7. Apply scientific knowledge and principles to food service systems in the practice of dietetics.
  8. Apply scientific knowledge and principles related to nutrition needs and processes through the life cycle in health and disease.
  9. Generate, interpret, and use research and knowledge of foods and nutrition in clinical dietetics, community nutrition, and food service.
  10. Participate in activities that promote public awareness of nutrition and advance the profession of dietetics.