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softchalk cloud

SoftChalk Cloud is an award-winning, multi-function platform that combines a learning object repository, content authoring and hosting and management features. 

With a SoftChalk Cloud account, you can:
    • Create and update your content in one place by logging into your SoftChalk Cloud account whether you are at work or at home.
    • Link to your content in many places.
    • Search for content in SoftChalk Share (SoftChalk Cloud’s public content repository) and add it directly to your lessons.

         You can modify the content you find with a SoftChalk Cloud  account.
    • Collaborate with other instructors on SoftChalk lessons. For more details, see the section Collaborate with Other Instructors on SoftChalk Lessons in the

         SoftChalk Cloud Guide.
    • Collect scores using the SoftChalk ScoreCenter Feature. Grades from your SoftChalk lessons can appear within the gradebook of your learning management system.

UCM now has a license for SoftChalk Cloud. For support information contact DLII at (660) 543-8528 or



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