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Design and Construction Projects

Facilities Planning and Operations (FPO) Project Information

Facilities Planning and Operations is committed to providing the highest quality architectural, engineering, planning, project management, cost control, and construction related services. Through our professional and technical skills we strive to advance the university’s infrastructure and physical appearance supporting the teaching, learning and research environment at University of Central Missouri. Our department directly manages a wide array of proposals to include capital, renovation, and improvement projects for existing buildings, oversees all aspects of the construction of new facilities, and ensures that the highest standards are maintained. 

Design and Construction Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • New Construction refers to site preparation for, and construction of, entirely new structures and/or significant extensions to existing structures whether or not the site was previously occupied.
  • Renovation means “restore to a good state of repair. To renovate a building means to resurrect that structure from a state of disrepair. Renovations can often be subtle, improving on the existing building. Construction involving renovation often refers to “restoring” or “repairing” an existing structure, replacing the old with the new.
  • Remodel means “to change the structure or form of something. Remodels generally work to change the appearance, structure, or function of an area. A remodel works to improve upon or transform the existing design and layout of an area. Remodeling refers to “changing” or “transforming” an area.
  • Construction improvements are operations which usually require more than one fiscal year to complete, and which change or add to the characteristics of a road, facility, or structure.
  • Major Replacement refers to renovation and repair of building components and systems.
  • Space Allocation is the process of assigning placements of your organizational units (business unit, division, department.) within the university’s current or future space. The planning exercise indicates if your current assigned space can efficiently accommodate your needs or if a space reduction or expansion is required. 

Project Timeline Estimates


***This is only an estimate.  Changes to this timeline may occur; your timely responses to the Project Manager are critical to meet the desired completion date.   Please contact FPO for more details.  Follow the instructions below and view "How to use the interactive Capital Project Timeline" for more help.

1.  Project Type:  Choose the average or estimated total cost of the project.

Small:  Projects where the total budget does not exceed $350K. 
Medium:  Projects with a total budget range of $350K - $2M.  One Board of Governors approval is required after bids are reviewed and before construction begins. 
Large:  Projects with a total budget range of $2M and up.  An Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Bid for Qualifications is the first step (before the A/E Proposal). Two Board of Governors approvals are required: the first is required before the A/E purchase order; the second is required after construction bids are reviewed but before construction begins.

2.  Timespan:  Factors affecting timeline are budget, complexity, and long lead items for materials/equipment/phasing in construction.

Low: Projects on the lower end of the budget scale, not complex, and additional time needed in construction for materials/equipment/phasing is not anticipated.
Average:  One of the items identified above (budget, complexity, long lead time) is anticipated.
High: More than one of the items identified above (budget, complexity, long lead time) is anticipated.

3.  Submission Date:  The date the project is submitted to enter the timeline according to your selections (items 1 and 2). 

Request a Capital Project

Authorized users may submit a project request by clicking on the link below.  If you are not a pre-authorized user, please contact the Budget Manager for your department.  Please contact FPO at extension 4331 or by email for all other inquiries.


Space Assignment or Renovation Request



How to use the interactive Capital Project Timeline

After making selections for 1. Project Type, 2. Timespan, and  providing a 3.  Submission Date for your project to begin:

A.  Click any of the steps listed to see where it falls on the timeline.

B.  Hover for a description of that element on the timeline and/or click on the timeline to be able to hover for a description on any element of the project's timeline.

C.  Clicking on this icon will expand that portion of the timeline to full screen.  Use the "Back to report" link above the project steps to return to the full Project Timeline Estimates view.

D.  This option allows you to expand the entire timeline to full screen.

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