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Exchange Program

COVID-19 and F-1/J-1 International Students

We are currently monitoring the evolving coronavirus situation. Please review the below information to stay up to date on adjustments to Graduate and International Student Services (GISS) services and SEVP requirements to ensure that you are maintaining valid F-1/J-1 visa status. 

Please continue to monitor UCM’s Coronavirus website for university updates:

F-1/J-1 Visa Status Maintenance and COVID-19:

All F-1/J-1 international students must complete the below mandatory surveys no later than April 2nd to confirm how F-1/J-1 status will be maintained.

Temporary SEVP/SEVIS Policies that Account for COVID-19 Adjustments:

SEVP has provided the following guidance to help ensure that F-1/J-1 international students continue to maintain status while temporary adjustments are made to account for COVID-19. 

We hope that this information is helpful in your plans for maintaining valid F-1/J-1 visa status.

  • Full-time enrollment: Students may temporarily continue a full course load in an online only format. UCM has moved all in person and hybrid courses to an online format until the end of the spring and summer 2020 semesters.  
  • Students may not drop below full-time enrollment without prior authorization from an International Student Advisor/DSO. Full-time enrollment is a minimum of 12 credit hours - Bachelor’s level, 9 credit hours - Master’s level.
  • Students are required to participate in all class requirements for classes that have moved to an online format to meet attendance and participation requirements. 
  • F-1 international students intending to drop a course or who have concerns about the online class participation/attendance requirements must email to inform an International Student Advisor. 
  • J-1 international students intending to drop a course or who have concerns about the online class participation/attendance requirements must email
  • Location updates: Students are required to keep our office updated within 10 days of any change in address or temporary location of residence. This includes all F-1/J-1 enrolled students and students participating in OPT either in the U.S. or outside of the U.S. at this time. Students with address updates must submit the Address Form. In addition, please update the following: 
  • Enrolled students - MyCentral
  • OPT students - SEVP Portal
  • On-campus employment: Due to COVID-19 concerns, students may perform on-campus work remotely off-campus during this time.
  • Students that plan to work for an on-campus job remotely must remain in the U.S. Students that are outside of the U.S. must contact Human Resources for guidance.
  • Students may work no more than 20 hours per week while online-only classes are in session from now until the end of the spring 2020 semester. Students in their first semester in summer 2020 may not work more than 20 hours per week during the summer semester. 
  • Travel: Students traveling to the U.S. from countries impacted by COVID-19 are asked to refer to guidance from the CDC and the U.S. Department of State for specific port-of-entry screening processes, as well as any travel restrictions.
  • CPT, OPT, OPT STEM Extension participants: If you are currently participating in CPT, OPT, or OPT STEM extension, you may be experiencing temporary changes to workplace requirements. Depending on the circumstances, an updated worksite address may need to be reported in SEVIS.
    • SEVP requires that students keep our office informed of any temporary updates by providing us with a letter from your employer outlining the temporary measures taken. Please be sure that you have completed the above Mandatory CPT/OPT Survey and submitted your employer letter to for record keeping purposes.  
    • Currently enrolled students applying for CPT or OPT for the summer or fall semesters may continue to apply for CPT or OPT as planned. Please email an advisor at to receive advising regarding case specific situations related to GPA or current physical location as it relates to the application. 
  • I-20 pick up/mailing: I-20s may temporarily be sent to students directly by the DSO to the student’s email listed in SEVIS. GISS has temporarily suspended all printing and mailing at this time. International Student Advisors/DSOs will be emailing any I-20s issued directly to the student. 
    • Students that are traveling or planning for a visa interview should print the I-20 received in color. 
    • Students that created a UEMS shipping label and received an electronic I-20 instead of a printed I-20 may request a refund for the label from e-Ship Global. 
    • When the I-20 is emailed, a DSO/International Student Advisor will provide a supporting letter. This supporting letter may be used to help explain the reason for the use of electronic I-20s to USCIS, CBP, and other entities. 
  • SEVP Stakeholders Q&A: This document is intended for school officials. However, F-1 international students may find this information useful. Please email to speak with an International Student Advisor regarding any questions about the document. 
  • J-1 students, please see the following page for more information regarding J-1 visa issues:

GISS Office Services:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we provide updates to our services to protect the health and safety of our students and staff. The following updates have been made to the services provided by GISS:

  • The GISS office will not be open for in person visits. This includes in person questions, document pick up, and walk in hours.
  • All advising and appointments will be conducted via phone, Google Hangout, and email correspondence between the hours of 8:00am-Noon and 1:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday. 

If F-1 students need assistance - please email to set up an appointment. 

J-1 visa students - please email to set up an appointment.

  • All I-20 documents will temporarily be sent to students by email. We will use the email address listed in the student’s SEVIS record when emailing I-20s. For more information, please see the ‘I-20 pick up/mailing’ section of F-1 Visa Status Maintenance and COVID-19 listed above. 
  • Our previously scheduled CPT/OPT workshops for March and April have been canceled. To review the content provided in the workshops please view the following links: CPT and OPT. You may also email to discuss CPT and OPT application processes and policies with an International Student Advisor

Exchange programing offers you the most comprehensive and culturally immersive international collegiate experience. Graduate and International Student Services (GISS) has partnered with over 30 universities around the world to offer you the chance to participate in long term and summer study abroad as an exchange student.

Participating in study abroad on exchange is a unique experience because it offers UCM students and students from our exchange partner universities the chance to study abroad while still paying their home institution rate. This make long and short term study abroad both cost-effective and efficient!

What is an Exchange Program?

An exchange program is an agreement made between UCM and a university in another country to "exchange" students, faculty and ideas to foster international understanding and education. Exchanges are mutually beneficial because UCM gets to send student to our foreign partner universities and those universities get to send student to UCM.

Nominate a Student

Exchange partner Home University Coordinators: please fill out this electronic form to officially nominate one of your students. You can nominate a student to study at UCM for one or two semesters at the undergraduate or graduate level.  After nomination the student will be contacted by our Admissions team with information about the application process.  As the Home Coordinator, you will be copied on that email.

View our current list of Exchange Institutional Partners.

Please contact directly if you have any questions about the Exchange Program.


The Form DS-2019 or "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status" is the basic document used in the administration of the exchange visitor program.  This form permits a prospective exchange visitor to seek an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate in order to obtain a J visa to enter the United States. The Form DS-2019 identifies the exchange visitor and their designated sponsor and provides a brief description of the exchange visitor’s program, including the start and end date, category of exchange, and an estimate of the cost of the exchange program. 
Exchange partner Home University Coordinators will receive the DS-2019 on behalf of their student along with an admissions packet once the student has completed the UCM application and been admitted.


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