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A number of students exit a building on campus in summer.


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UCM offers five apartment complexes for students that are located both on campus (Todd, foster-Knox, and Nickerson) and near campus (Greenwood Park and Central Village). On-campus accommodations come furnished while those nearby to campus do not. Rent charges are posted at the beginning of each semester to student accounts. Campus-affiliated housing is on a first come, first serve basis, so we recommend selecting top choices in order to secure housing. 

When applying for housing as an international student at UCM, you have three options: Student Apartments, Residence Halls, and off-campus accommodations. Each student must pay a deposit with their housing agreement if living in campus dorms (deposits vary per apartment), part of which is refundable at the contracts end.  You may not check-in to UCM housing until all paperwork is completed. 


Learn more by visiting the University Housing webpage.


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