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WeMET (Western Mo Educational Technology Consortium)

Western Missouri Educational Technology Consortium, also known as WeMET, was organized as an educational and community consortium in 1993 to facilitate member’s use of interactive television [I-TV] through video conferencing technology. I-TV, online, and face to face classes connect schools to dual credit classes and special programming such as virtual field trips and ACT prep classes.

WeMET Can Assist

WeMET can assist with the development & implementation of educational programs, coordinate activities, and assist with course schedules that involve interactive systems to be incorporated into a regular school day. Virtual field trips enhance classroom learning with real application by transporting their students to a variety of places around the world, right from their I-TV classroom. Imagine facilitating students’ interaction with survivors from World War II, Pearl Harbor or the Holocaust. Go to places like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or visit with NASA. All this and more is possible through the virtual field trip and cost is minimal because you never leave your I-TV classroom.

Cooperation with other member school districts allows schools to offer classes they would be unable to offer because of cost, space and teacher availability. Technical support is provided to consortium members by the University of Central Missouri for the operation of the equipment in the interactive television classroom and allows teachers to get hands-on experience using hi-tech equipment.

WeMET students receive college credit at a fraction of the cost. WeMET also offers 23 competitive scholarships per semester.

Student Eligibility

To participate in UCM's dual credit (WeMET) program students must meet specific criteria.  Students wishing to enroll in English, Math, or Chemistry for dual credit must meet current UCM Placement Guidelines. 

How To Enroll

1.  New Students will first complete the online UCM admission application

Select Undergraduate and then apply as a Dual Credit (High School) student – You are exempt from paying the $30 application fee. Note that this is a non-degree seeking status and not eligible for financial aid.

At the end of the online application you will be prompted to print the  Enrollment Application Form.

2) Returning students will skip step one and can print the Enrollment Application Form.

Submit the completed application to your teacher or counselor: GPA, ACT scores (if applicable), course information, and all signatures must be in place. The signature of a school official verifies that all criteria have been met; they will submit your application to the Dual Credit Office.

Once we process both your online admission application and your paper enrollment form, we will assign you a UCM student ID number, or "700 Number."

Note:  If a student does not complete any part of the application process, including required signatures, does not meet dual credit enrollment requirements, or has a hold on their account because of past due balances, they will not be enrolled.  The application will be returned to your school for correction.

What's Next!

Once all enrollments for a course have been received and processed, a roster will be sent to the teacher for verification of enrollment.

If you are new to Dual Credit, you will receive a New Student Welcome Packet in the mail. If you are a returning student, no further action is needed – make sure you can still access UCM technology: MyCentral, Google Apps, and Blackboard (if applicable). At this time you can get books and materials if not already provided by your high school – Welcome to UCM! 

Contact the Dual Credit Academic Advisor for additional assistance. 

Dropping A Course

Only classes submitted by the deadline listed on the drop form will be removed from student's records.  To drop a dual credit course, a student must submit a drop form with all required signatures to the dual credit office by the posted deadlines.  The drop form should be available at the high school counselor's office, but can also be found here.

Dropping the course at the high school or rearranging a student's high school schedule does NOT constitute dropping or withdrawing from UCM enrollment.  All charges will still apply unless the course(s) have been dropped officially through the dual credit office

You must submit the course drop form to your counselor/teacher for processing.  The form should not be submitted to UCM directly. 

Students Needing Accessibility Services

Dual credit students should contact the Office of Accessibility Services at 660-543-4421.  Accommodations are unique to each student and should be discussed with the staff of Accessibility Services.  They will work with the individual student to assess the student's need for reasonable accommodations and develop a plan to meet those needs. Learn More about the services offered.   



Rick Schmidli
WeMET Coordinator
Humphreys 401G
Tel: (660) 543-8394


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