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Distribution Services Center

The Distribution Service Center at the University of Central Missouri serves the mailing and package-handling needs of campus departments. Mail and packages are received and processed daily Monday through Friday and delivered to their designated campus locations. Outgoing pieces are picked up by the Distribution Service Center staff to be processed for shipping.

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Our Services

  • Delivery and pick up of U.S. Mail on the UCM campus
  • First Class, Non-Profit, Parcels, Library Mail, Media Mail, International and Priority Mail services, bulk mail services, mail preparation services and postage application
  • Delivery and pick up of UPS and FedEx shipments
    • Ground, Express and International services available for outgoing packages
  • Price comparison shopping for lowest shipping cost through multiple carriers
  • Receiving and shipping freight of items which are campus property
  • Delivery of small orders from UCM warehouse

Request Package Pick-Up

Employees may request pick-up of an outgoing package, complete one of the following forms:

UPS/FedEx Package Shipping Form

UPS/FEDEX Package Shipping Form

Please list the full address. It will need an actual street address, not a PO box.
Name, building and room number of the person who is shipping out the package.
What level of service would you like?
(Department's FOAPAL number.)
Dollar amount that is the replacement cost of the item(s).
RA#, RMA#, etc.
This will help us to determine if we need to identify your package with special handling features."

Package Pick Up Form (Misc.)

Package Pick Up Form (Misc.)

Building, room number.

Blank Commercial Invoice for International Shipments


Quick References

Printable Guide

Addressing Mail and Packages to UCM Offices & Departments

Inbound mail and packages shipping with USPS

Attn: [Your Name] [Your Department/requested delivery location]

University of Central Missouri

PO Box 800

Warrensburg, MO 64093

Please note: Mail Invoices to the attention of Accounts Payable-Admin 316

Inbound packages with all other carriers (UPS, FedEx, freight carriers, etc.)

Attn: [Your Name] [Your Department/requested delivery location]

University of Central Missouri

415 East Clark Street

Warrensburg, MO 64093

Students and Employee Personal Packages:

The Distribution Service Center is unable to handle packages that are student property or personal property of UCM faculty or staff. If you wish to ship or mail items to a student in a campus residence hall, please contact the Housing Office for mailing guidelines. 

Preparing Outgoing Mail

All department mail and campus-related outgoing mail shall be processed by the Distribution Service Center. 

  • Mail may be unsealed or sealed (fees apply if mail is received unsealed)
  • Padded envelopes must be used for packages containing paper clips, binder clips, or other 3-dimensional objects (Additional examples include keys, ID badges, lanyards, CD’s, ink pens, USB drives)
    • Letter envelopes or flats cannot be used for shipping these objects
  • Always include your department’s 4-digit mail code for billing purposes
  • Mail is processed daily and all outgoing pieces are taken to the post office at 2:30 pm
  • A special pick up may be requested for bulk mailings or special mail pieces
  • All outgoing mail shall contain the UCM standardized return address format:

University of Central Missouri

[Department Name]

PO Box 800


Warrensburg, MO 64093-[XXXX] (your department’s assigned 4-digit mail billing code)

Specialty Services Offered

  • Address Pre-Sort
  • Address Labeling
  • Collating
  • Folding
  • Tabbing
  • Inserting
  • Sealing
  • Applying Postage
  • Piece Counting

Please contact us at 660-543-4073 with any questions, quotes, or to coordinate a project.

Bulk Mailing Information

Benefits of Bulk Mailing

  • Saves department time and money
  • Creates uniformity on the mailing
  • Ensures proper procedures are followed to meet USPS requirements
  • Lower rates for standard sizes
  • Proper mailing list preparation reduces errors, duplicate records and incomplete addresses 

Postage Savings with Bulk Mailing

  • First Class and Non-Profit
  • Requires proper labeling and pre-sorting
  • Requires proper paperwork filled out by Distribution Service Center to accompany mailing in order to ship
  • Notify the Distribution Services Center in advance if possible 

Preparation for Bulk Mailing Permit Usage

  • Must be a mailing of 200 pieces or more to qualify (USPS restrictions apply)
  • Must be identical in size and weight
  • Address must be printed (not handwritten)
  • All mailings must be accompanied with account number
  • All pieces must have First Class or Non Profit indicia (permit stamp) in order to be eligible for rate discounts

Mail & Package Delivery Overview

  • All trackable packages are tracked from arrival on campus to delivery
  • Packages that are oversized or over 50 lbs. are delivered by the FPO Set Ups department
  • Distribution Services will deliver cases of paper, batteries, rubber gloves and more from the warehouse to office locations.
  • Standard delivery time is within 24 hours of arrival at our dock
  • COD packages cannot be accepted

Distribution Services Center

South East Complex (SEC) Building - B
415 East Clark Street
Tel: Mail Room (660) 543-4073, Receiving (660) 543-4741

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