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Procurement and Materials Management


Our Commitment


The mission of the Procurement and Materials Management Department is to provide the procurement of quality goods and services in direct support of the educational and associated missions of the University. Our procurement practices are in accordance with the requirements of the state of Missouri laws and University regulations. The policies, procedures, and processes allow for the best possible position to obtain the goods and services needed in a timely and cost-effective manner, while also making sure appropriate business processes are followed.  

The University of Central Missouri's online bidding system (eBidding) is the only method accepted for bid submissions. The system eliminates traditional paper bids and replaces them with a streamlined, electronic-submission process.  Please direct any questions to or call (660) 543-4001.

Electronic Bidding

UCM utlizes the Ionwave electronic bidding system. All Vendors must register in the system to submit bids, quotes, RFP's, or RFQ's. Click the above Red UCM Ebid box to access the system.



When is a requisition required?

A requisition in UCMarket is required for the purchase of any supply, equipment, good or service, regardless of the funding source. A requisition is entered to encumber departmental funds and to create a purchase order (PO). A PO is sent to the vendor requesting the goods and/or services at the specified quantity, price, and delivery terms. 

Confirmation Orders (verbal orders) are not allowed. This protects the department and the University from additional items being invoiced or incorrectly priced.

What is a contract, when is it required, and what is the process?

A contract is an agreement between parties with binding legal and moral force, consisting of the purchase order, terms and conditions, and any other documents specified for the exchange of goods or services for money.

The Office of Procurement is responsible for assisting university departments in the procurement process and in determining if a contract is required, and if so, what type of contract will be utilized.  Contact the Office of Procurement  if you have questions.


The flowchart below shows each of the stages in the contract finalization and execution process.

UCM Contract Flow Process image
Click on the image to enlarge it.

What if the software vendor will not accept a Purchase Order?

Please follow the procedures in "Note 2" on p. 4 of the Step-by-step guide to creating your software requisition in UCMarket.  If you have more questions, refer to the Procurement of Hardware and Software Procedures in the University Policy Library or contact us at extension 4001.

When is a payment request used?

Payment Requests should be used for the following:

  • Accreditation Certifications
  • Honorariums
  • Medical Payments - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics only
  • Reimbursement – students only
  • Utilities

If you do not have a Business Procurement Card (University Credit Card), submit a payment request for:

  • One time purchases of $1,000.00 or less, where the item is not available in UCMarket.
  • Conferences/ Memberships/ Registration
  • Subscriptions, where a contract is not required (i.e. Magazines, Periodicals, Newspapers)

*For questions, contact the Procurement Office.

Who has the authority to sign a contract?

As directed by the Board of Governors, only the President’s direct reports have authority to sign agreements on behalf of the university.





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