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Skyhaven Airport

Home to UCM's Aviation Program

The University of Central Missouri’s Max B. Swisher Skyhaven Airport is the only university-owned airport in Missouri. Located three miles northwest of Warrensburg, the airport serves as the training facility for UCM’s nationally recognized aviation program. It is also the community airport for Johnson County, MO. The airport was named in honor of the late Warrensburg entrepreneur and businessman Max Boothe Swisher, who donated the airport to UCM in 1968. The donation sparked the creation of UCM’s aviation and other related programs.

Experiential Learning

Thanks to the Skyhaven Airport, UCM aviation students have extraordinary opportunities for hands-on learning. The airport houses UCM’s training fleet: a Cessna single-engine training aircraft; a Baron Beechcraft Multiengine aircraft; Redbird simulators; and a 737 simulator.

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