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Aviation Masters Degree | Aviation Safety Program

Rise up in aviation management jobs with a rare master’s degree only offered at the University of Central Missouri School of Aviation and a handful of other top aviation management colleges. In this unique graduate program, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of aviation safety and become an expert at implementing and managing safety systems for a variety of industries.

Advance your aviation career with classes that fit your lifestyle

You can earn your UCM Aviation master's degree fully online. You deserve a graduate program that offers high-quality learning to advance your career without sacrificing the rest of your life. Aviation Safety master’s students, on average, complete the course requirements in 18 months, but you can choose to pace your progress however it fits with your schedule. No matter how quickly you choose to earn your next Aviation or pilot degree, the best time to start is now.

Graduate ready to earn your Safety Management System (SMS) certification
The FAA proposes to update and expand the requirements for safety management systems (SMS). Prepare for these requirements by earning your MS in Aviation Safety at UCM. Throughout the program, you will:

  • Develop expertise in SMS development and implementation
  • Learn the ins and outs of aviation law and airport accident causation
  • Become prepared to earn the SMS certification from the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

While earning your degree, you will have the opportunity to implement improvements to your current safety practices in real-time as you progress through courses. Our program also focuses on written communication skills and research skills so you can be an effective safety manager for your operators. Meet the needs of your team and earn your MS in Aviation Safety at one of the only universities offering it in the nation. 

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Dr. Andy Multer, CFI, CM, ACE  
Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator
T.R. Gaines 210 D
Tel: 660-543-8175 (Preferred)

Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

Department of Aviation

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1 of 5 Aviation Safety programs in US

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Housed in dedicated School of Aviation

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30+ years of pilot degree alternatives

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95% job or continuing ed placement rate

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$78K to $175K potential starting salary

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Earn your AAAE ACE-SMS certification

What you will study

The Aviation master’s degree program at UCM’s School of Aviation is well-established, having been offered for more than 30 years. In that time, our graduate program has helped launch many successful careers and stayed at the forefront of aviation education. Offering a complete learning experience that rivals any aviation management college, this master’s degree will expand your knowledge and opportunities in the aviation safety industry.

Our graduate program courses will expose you to all facets of aviation safety for a broad-based, in-depth Aviation master’s degree. You’ll be well-prepared to develop, implement and manage safety programs in any aviation environment — including business, industry or government. 

In addition to advancing your career with a master’s degree, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn your AAAE ACE in Safety Management Systems. This rare certification, even for aviation management colleges, will showcase your industry expertise and can help you stand out as you compete for aviation management jobs.


Unique learning opportunities in the School of Aviation

When you study safety aviation at the University of Central Missouri, you will receive a future-focused education that allows you to apply the knowledge and skills critical to aviation safety and aviation management. 

  • Get hands on: Go beyond theory by working on the aircraft training fleet housed at Skyhaven Airport, UCM’s nationally recognized aviation program training facility.
  • Dive in deeper: Learn high-level concepts such as airport planning and design, accident causation theories, the science of aircraft accident investigation and the human factors of flight safety.
  • Build your network: Travel to regional, national and international conferences where you can meet other grad students from other aviation management colleges, network with industry professionals, discover job opportunities and expand your knowledge of aviation safety.

You will also have access to student advising, small class sizes and student organizations to help you get the most out of your aviation management college experience.


What can you do with a degree in Aviation Safety from UCM?

Since the scope of our program curriculum is both wide and deep, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to excel in a variety of aviation management jobs. Offering a different path to a career in aviation than a pilot degree, UCM’s Aviation Safety master’s degree creates opportunities for program graduates in different work settings.

Aviation safety employers

  • Airlines
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Military and civil aviation safety boards
  • Aerospace equipment manufacturers
  • Aviation consulting firms
  • Airport management and design agencies
  • Teaching and training companies

Learn more about aviation management jobs with the interactive tool below. You can feed your curiosity about your future career, including potential salaries, hiring trends and more.




Financial assistance options for your Aviation Safety Masters degree

At the University of Central Missouri, we take pride in keeping our students’ debt burden low. We also have a variety of resources to help you finance your education, such as UCM’s Scholarship Finder

Beyond the scholarships available through the university, you may qualify for funding opportunities specifically for Aviation graduate students expanding their academic pedigree. These include:

  • Airport Minority Advisory Council Foundation Scholarship
  • Norman Lawnick Aerospace Education Scholarship (from the Missouri Pilots Association)
  • Northwest Data Solutions Aviation Safety Management Scholarship


International Students

The Master of Science in Aviation Safety is offered 100% online, making it easy for international students to complete the degree from the convenience of their home country. International students will not qualify for a student visa. For more information on this online program, please contact The Department of Aviation or the office of International Student Services at



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