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Scam Awareness

UCM students are receiving an increased number of fraudulent email and phone call scams. Most of these scams involve money. It can be very difficult to discern fraud from legitimate scenarios.

Reporting a Possible Scam

If a correspondence seems suspicious, please report the instance to Public Safety at 660-543-4123, and the Office of Technology at 660-543-4357 for further investigation.

Helpful Resources

Report a claim to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
For more information on common frauds visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Federal Trade Commission Web pages.

Current and Common Scams

One current scam involves the Career and Life Design Center. Suspicious activity may involve:

  • Emails trying to tie to legitimate employers/campus offices. For example, emails stating, "I received your resume from your Career and Life Design Center". Always check with the campus office, in this case Career and Life Design Center, to determine validity. 660-543-4985
  • Offering to pay large amounts of money for almost no work, or before you do any work.
  • Offering to send you a large check in exchange for allowing them to use your bank account, such as depositing checks or transferring money.
  • Asking you to provide your credit card, bank account numbers or social security number.

Similar scams also use the above techniques as well as:

  • Demanding payment to avoid arrest or prosecution.
  • Wanting you to transfer money to one account to another.



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Tel: 660-543-4114
Fax: 660-543-8114


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