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Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity

Administration Building, Room 315
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4264


Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Applications

What are the top things The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity would like for me to know?

Where can I find sources of funding?

Must all of my grant or contract proposals be submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity?

Yes.  Do not submit directly to funding agencies or contract sponsors. The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity must review and approve all funding requests prior to submission to any type of funding agency. The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity has the final signature authority for all types of external funding as these are legal agreements between the university and an external entity. This includes grants, contracts, subcontracts, clinical trial agreements, fellowships, and cooperative agreements.

When you apply for external funds, allow enough time for the review and approval by first, your department, and then the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity. Work with your department to determine the time required to review and approve your project. The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity needs at least ten business days to process your application and submit it to the funding agency.

What am I responsible for when applying for funds?

As a Principal Investigator, you are held responsible and accountable for managing all aspects of your research, including the financial obligations. Your application for funds must reflect good judgment, scientific and financial integrity. To this end, you will be expected to

What tips can you give me for getting my application in on time?

How do I determine my amount available in my grant account?

If you have never had a grant before at UCM and you are not a budget manager for any other unit, you should request Finance Access through Accounting Services by completing and submitting the form found here

You can look up your budget balance by entering your grant code, fund code, and organization code in Banner Self-Service.  Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity and we will be glad to walk you through this process.  The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity will also send to you a report during the first week of each month that provides budget summary information.  Please note that Banner is live data, so every time something is processed in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Procurement, etc., it will affect your available budget instantaneously.  So, any report you receive could be ‘out of date’ within minutes.

The web reports created by Accounting Services may not be completely accurate on your grant.  These reports run on a fiscal year basis, and if your grant crosses fiscal years the information will not be complete.  However, the Transaction Detail report will contain accurate monthly detail as will the Labor Detail report.

How should cash cost share be handled?

It's important to work with the Office of Sponsored Programs regarding cash cost share.  Specific account codes have been developed to record cash cost share.

Cash cost share consists of any purchase where UCM pays the bill, including salaries.  Once a project has been funded by an external agency and has cash cost share, arrangements will be made to reduce the departmental budget.  For salaries, the labor distribution for an employee will be updated to reflect work on the grant and funds will be moved from the departmental budget to cover the expense.  This allows for all costs of an externally funded project to be accounted for in the budget set up for the project.

If I have questions, who do I call?

Do not hesitate to contact the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity staff, 660-543-4264 or