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Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity

Administration Building, Room 315
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4264


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As stated in the University of Central Missouri’s Board of Governor’s Policy, all grant applications and agreements must be reviewed and approved through the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity.  OSPRI staff will get all of the necessary approvals for each application.

Primary Award Agreement: The primary award agreement is awarded by the funding agency to UCM or to the pass-through entity.

Subaward Agreement: The subaward is the agreement issued from the pass-through to their subrecipient.  Not all grant agreements have a subaward.  The Primary Award Agreement must be completed before a subaward agreement can be issued.  If the prime award is from federal funding, and the subaward is for $25,000 or more, by the end of the month of a fully executed agreement, the prime must complete Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) reporting.

Types of Legal Documents

The grant agreement can be issued as several types of legal documents, including:

Regardless of what the document type is, they will be processed the same way through the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research Integrity.


When a grant is awarded, it is often awarded at less than the proposed amount.  Therefore, revisions to the budget, and in some cases, the scope of work, must be made to the agreement.  OSP will work with the principal investigator to make these adjustments, as needed, to the agreement.

Processing of Agreements

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for processing all grant documents, including the legal agreements.  Certain required information must be provided for federal grant agreements. 

OSP will complete the following to process the agreement:

Contingency Account

In some cases, the agreement process can take additional time, especially if the awarding agency is not a federal or state agency. If the project’s scope of work needs to be started immediately, while the agreement is still being processed, a contingency account can be created.  The following information must be provide to OSP to have a contingency account created:

Some considerations need to be made before requesting a contingency account.


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