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Sponsored Programs and Research Integrity

Administration Building, Room 315
Warrensburg, MO 64093
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Willard North Graduate Student Research Award

The Willard North Graduate Student Research Award is named in honor of Dr. Willard North who devoted many years to fostering research at UCM. Dr. North was a proponent of sound research design, appropriate statistical techniques, and proper interpretation of results. The purpose of these awards is to promote and encourage the highest levels of graduate research and scholarly investigation in keeping with Dr. North’s standards. These awards are supported through an endowed fund established with the University of Central Missouri Foundation. The Willard North Graduate Student Research Award is available to all graduate students seeking graduate degrees from UCM. All applicants must be enrolled in graduate courses the semester they apply for the award. Please see the online application for further information.  It is available at this link https://ucmo. opportunities/19066


The Steven H. Mills & Stephen W. Wilson Research Award

The Steven H. Mills and Stephen W. Wilson Research Award in the Biological Sciences is available through the UCM Foundation. This award is established to honor the leadership, dedication, research, and teaching of these two former chairmen and faculty members in the Department of Biology and Agriculture at the University of Central Missouri. Their administrative support of student and faculty-centered research was a high priority throughout their many years of service. The award is to provide support for undergraduate or graduate student research in the Biological Sciences. Please see the online application at this link for further details https://ucmo.academicworks. com/opportunities/19111


UCM Foundation Opportunity Grants

The UCM Foundation launched this grant program in 2013 to support targeted, student-centered activities resulting in significant outcomes that benefit the university's learning environment and students' academic experience. Grants start at $100 and range to an individual maximum of $5,000. Grants are funded on the fiscal year running July 1 through June 30.

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Central Technology Grants

As a function of the statewide mission, Central Technology Grants were instituted in 1998 with dedicated funding through the Center for Teaching and Learning. The grants are intended to assist academic departments to meet the equipment, training, and miscellaneous technology needs not covered by or funded through the student technology fee, department and college funds, and multimedia classroom awards.

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Professional Enhancement Committee

The purpose of this grant is to facilitate the professional growth of UCM faculty. Grants may be awarded for proposals submitted in various categories. Given the limited funds available, the Professional Enhancement Committee (PEC) will accept grant proposals that are within the given budget limits for each category. Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate a unique opportunity to further the faculty member’s professional development. Also, activities which cannot be funded through alternative sources will be given highest priority.

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Scholarly Activity Fund

The Scholarly Activity Fund provides support for faculty travel to conferences, meetings, etc. for scholarly purposes such as presenting papers, exhibits, and musical or dramatic performances.

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