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Office of Technology


Guest access to UCM WiFi

Welcome to the University of Central Missouri. As a visitor to campus, you have two options for connecting to the University's wireless systems:

Option 1: In the James C. Kirkpatrick Library and the Elliott University Union, an unsecured wireless signal (Café Wireless) is available to provide internet access only. This wireless signal is not encrypted, and requires no authentication (user ID/password) on your part. Most computers will show you available wireless networks; simply choose UCM-WiFi-Unsecured from the list on your computer.

Option 2: Guest access is enabled on the university's secured wireless system. To connect to this system, choose UCM-WiFi-Secured from the list of available wireless networks on your computer. (When prompted for a user name/password, use ucmguest for both.) This is a secured system in that it operates with WPA2 encryption. For instructions on how to configure your computer to connect to UCM's secured wireless with WPA2, please contact the Technology Support Center at 543-4357. You may also look for the wireless connection instructions that match your operating system before coming to campus here.

Please note: Guest access to the secured wireless system provides internet access only.

Note: For the majority of users on recent operating systems, you will only need to use your network ID. Some users, on older operating systems or without the most recent OS updates, will need to specify the domain in front of their network ID, i.e. they will need to put "UCMO\" in front of the network ID.

Click here for directions on specific operating systems.