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Office of Technology


UCM’s Computer/Network External User Agreement

This agreement must be completed by anyone other than students and employees requesting network access
accounts for UCM’s computer networks before accounts will be established and released to requesters.
Persons who are allowed access to UCM’s computing facilities must agree to be bound to the same
policies/procedures/regulations as those who are employed by the university. Information regarding these
policies/procedures/regulations is available at -> Topical Index -> Regulations and
Procedures. Any use of UCM's computer facilities for activities that are illegal or commercial is expressly
forbidden. Also, use of UCM's computer and network facilities must comply with the MOREnet Acceptable Use
Policy. MOREnet's AUP, in addition to expressly forbidding commercial and illegal use, forbids use of the
network in a manner that is harmful or harassing to others and in a manner that disrupts normal network use
and service. MOREnet's AUP is available at -> Membership -> Service Policies.

A few examples of inappropriate use include:
• Sending threatening or harassing electronic email.
• Accessing computer accounts and/or computer files other than your own without express
• Making illegal copies of copyrighted software, music, or movies for either your own use or for
• Using UCM's facilities to conduct business for personal profit.
• Using the network in a manner that negatively impacts other users; for example, excessive
bandwidth use with uploading and downloading files using Peer-2-Peer software in a non-business
related activity, port-scanning, traffic monitoring, installing malicious or spy-ware programs
intentionally, or sending unwanted mail messages to large quantities of persons.

When users leave their workstations, they must log off the network or secure their workstations to prevent
unauthorized use. Users must also close all applications and turn off the desktop computer when they have
completed computing work and are leaving for the day. Software installed by users may create security risks.
Users must not download software from the Internet, as the software may be contaminated with viruses or
other security problems. Software must not be installed on university equipment without a valid license.

I have read the above statements, and I agree to abide by them. I understand that the network ID and
password listed will be assigned to me, and I am responsible for any activity that takes place via this
ID and password.

Printed Name__________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have questions related to this process please contact the Technology Support Center at 660-
543-4357. Please sign and return in person, mail or fax this document to:

Technology Support Center
WDE 0800
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Fax: 660-543-8123