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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a key request is made, how long will it take to get my keys?

Please allow 10 working days for your key request to be filled. Access Control will send out a notification via email with a list of keys ready to be picked up. The time frame is dependent upon the quantity of requests and priority of work orders. The beginning of each semester is a particularly busy time of year and your request could take a few weeks to be completed. Key requests should be turned in as early as possible to ensure they are ready when needed.

Please do not call Access Control to ask if your key is ready.  This only slows down the process. If it has been longer than two weeks since the request was submitted, please email Access Control with your concerns.

I was issued an electronic fob, why isn't it working? 

If you have electronic access, the fob or prox may not immediately work. Please wait five business days for it to begin working. Door programming is done on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If your credential does not work after one week, please contact key control so we can immediately rectify the problem.

I'm having trouble with a lock. What should I do?

Complete a Access Control Work Order request and send it to Access Control, describing the problem with the lock. These forms are available from each department office professional.

Who pays for lock repairs?

Routine maintenance of locks, and keys issued to academic buildings are paid out of the physical plant maintenance budget. Any additional key control work that is specifically requested by a department will be billed to the department.



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