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Bicycle Regulations


Bicycles are a very popular form of transportation for University of Central Missouri students, faculty and staff. In an effort to help improve bicycle parking facilities, aid in preventing theft of bicycles, and to provide bicycle owners guidelines for use of bicycles on campus, the Department of Public Safety has created new bicycle permits, and the University has approved new rules and regulations for bicycle owners on campus.


Bicycle Parking

Bicycles parked on campus must be left in bicycle racks which are provided in convenient locations.

Bicycles left elsewhere (railings, posts, trees, inside university buildings, etc.) are subject to ticketing and removal.

A $10.00 Violation of Bicycle Regulations ticket will be issued, the chain or lock cut, and the bicycle removed. In addition to the fine, the owner will be charged a $20.00 removal fee.

Bicycle Permits

Students, faculty, and staff members are required to register their bicycles with the Department of Public Safety Parking Services.

Permits are free and non-expiring, but must be transferred upon sale of the bicycle. Permits should be adhered to the bicycle seat frame tube approximately four inches below the seat.

Bicycles which do not already have a permit are required to be registered prior to the first day of classes or immediately upon bringing them on campus. After the first day of classes, a two week warning period will be given and then tickets will be issued for no permit.

Information needed for the permit will consist of:

  • Owner Information (name, address, phone)
  • Brand, Model, and Serial numbers from bicycle
  • Description of the bicycle (color, type)

Registration Enforcement

For the first two weeks after the beginning of each semester, warning strips will be attached to each bicycle that does not have a permit. The strip will state that a bicycle permit is required for each bicycle.

After the two week grace period, all bicycles parked in a bike rack on university property will receive a notice of confiscation and have a UCM lock attached to the wheel.

The owner of the bicycle must then contact the Department of Public Safety for removal of the lock. At the time of lock removal the officer will issue a ticket of $10.00 for Violation of Bicycle Regulations.

Riding on Campus

Unicycles, Bicycles, and tricycles are prohibited from being ridden on "inner campus" Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.  "Inner campus" is defined as being within the area bounded on the north by South Street, on the west by Holden Street, on the south by Clark Street, and on the east by Maguire Street.

Persons are prohibited from riding on the areas off streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. Persons riding unicycles, bicycles, or tricycles in prohibited areas are subject to the issuance of a University Traffic Ticket.

Unicycles, Bicycles, and tricycles must be ridden in accordance with applicable city ordinances and state laws.

Safety Tips

Wear a professionally rated and approved, properly fitted bicycle helmet.

Wear light colored clothing after dark.

Have reflectors on the side and rear of your bicycle.

Ride single file.

Don't carry passengers or heavy, bulky items.

Obey all traffic signs and signals.

Slow down and be respectful of pedestrians when riding on campus.

Always assume that cars don't see you.

Use good, understandable hand signals.

Always lock your wheel and frame to a bicycle rack or other permanent fixture (e.g., a street light pole, a tree).

Theft Prevention

Each year students, faculty, and staff of UCM lose several hundred dollars worth of property to bicycle thieves. In almost all of these thefts, the single contributing factor was the manner in which the bicycles were locked. It is important to lock your bike appropriately; but more importantly, choosing a quality locking device may prevent theft of your bicycle.

Choosing a Lock

Unfortunately thieves are getting smarter and any old lock is not enough. University Police recommend U-Locks with a bend in it to prevent the use of prying tools. This is a valuable addition to the lock and is not used on all U-Lock systems. The extra money spent on a good lock could save you hundreds of dollars in your investment.

  • Be leery of cheap locks. Remember you get what you pay for. You may have to pay a few dollars more for a quality lock, but isn't your bike worth it?
  • A good padlock should have at least a 7/16" hardened alloy steel shackle. If the steel is hardened, the word "hardened" will be stamped on the shackle.
  • Choose a cable or chain at least six feet in length so you can secure the frame and front wheel around an object. If you elect to use a chain, remember the heavier the better. Thicker steel links (3/8" or better) provide greater resistance to cutting or prying. If you select a cable, inspect it closely and make sure you do not have a thicker vinyl coating than steel.

Bicycle Lock Rental

A limited number of quality locks can be rented at the Department of Public Safety. This lock is one of the strongest and most durable locks you can buy. Locks can be rented for $20.00 per school year. Once the lock is returned, the rental fee will be returned.

Securing Your Bicycle

The number one thing that you can do to protect your bicycle from theft is to lock it up. Bringing it inside or just leaving it for a minute while you run inside is likely to cost you your bicycle.

When you do secure your bike, make sure that you secure it through the frame and rear wheel. If you have a quick release front tire, lock that up also.

Remember to lock it to something worthwhile. For a quality lock to work, it has to be attached to a secure object. Many sign posts can easily be removed from the ground; railings can easily be cut. Make sure to use good judgment.

Make sure that you record the serial number and model of your bicycle. This is extremely important and could determine if you ever get your bicycle back once it has been stolen.

Always immediately report to the university police when your bicycle has been stolen. We recover many bicycles that are never claimed or reported missing/stolen.


Public Safety
306 Broad Street
Emergency phone 911
Tel: (660)543-4123 (24 hours)
Fax: (660)543-4163


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